Diamond Manufacturers

Since the day of its inception, The Plumb Club has led the way to higher quality jewelry manufacturing and supply for retailers in the US and across the world. In 1983, a close-knit group of jewelry & diamond producers banded together to create what was to become the leading group of suppliers in the watch, diamond, and jewelry industries. Over these years, the Plumb Club has partnered with around 50+ diamond manufacturing companies. All of them produce high quality diamonds. Whether it’s natural diamonds or synthetic diamonds, the range of products is vast.

The Plumb Club is a responsible supply side organization recognized for leadership, adding value, and positively impacting the jewelry industry. Plumb Club members act in the utmost responsible manner and observe the highest standards of business and personal conduct. It also includes, but is not limited to, Business Ethics, Sourcing, Human Rights, Social and Environmental Responsibility, and Maintaining Management Systems through which these practices can be validated.

The Plumb Club has had a positive impact on the jewelry industry for over 100 years, and we continue to strive to be the best we can be. We hope to continue to be a positive force in the industry for many years to come.

The members of The Plumb Club account for a significant percentage of the domestic fine jewelry market. Each of the members in this exclusive club are highly skilled, transparent, and professional. This exceptional standard of operation is ensured by the implementation of the Code of Responsibility – a guideline and agreement signed annually by each member. This code allows the Plumb Club to connect retailers and jewelry & diamond manufacturers in the US in a professional, transparent, and rewarding way. We have a myriad of reputable diamond manufacturing companies on our membership roster from around the globe that provide a wide range of diamonds, including synthetic diamonds.

The Plumb Club and The Responsible Jewelry Council

Each member of the Plumb Club is also a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, or RJC. The decision for all members to join the RJC was made by unanimous vote in 2019, and was based on the support, respect, and unity that the Club has for the RJC and its overall mission. The RJC is made up of highly-skilled jewelry and diamond manufacturers whose dedication and experience have set an unshakable standard of quality for the timepiece and jewelry industries.

Being a part of the RJC allows The Plumb Club to do their part in encouraging and implementing high quality and sustainability into everything they do. By working together to achieve their goals, the RJC and The Plumb Club will strengthen and grow the jewelry industry for generations to come.

TPC-365 and Its Role in The Plumb Club

Professional retailers need a customizable and unique way to revolutionize how they merchandise their stores, view, and research jewelry online. Diamonds are the most coveted and valuable gemstones of all gems. When choosing a diamond, many factors determine its quality.

Thanks to TPC-365, they can do just that and so much more. TPC-365 is a virtual sales platform that allows The Plumb Club members to collaborate, connect, and meet from anywhere in the world. Retailers can also access jewelry inventories whenever – and from wherever – they need. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or jewelry for your special occasion, you can find the perfect diamond from our list of manufacturers.

Today, the diamond manufacturing trade is a billion-dollar business that continues to grow with time. Hence, TPC-365 is the platform of choice thanks to its ability to share valuable information, resources, and audience insights from any mobile device. This platform allows The Plumb Club members to communicate without hassle, without the limitations of traditional meeting software, and without losing the personal touch of in-person meetings.

Accordion Content

To be successful as a diamond producer in the ever-changing mosaic of the jewelry industry, it is extremely important to establish connections with honest and reliable jewelry industry professionals that have been handpicked and carefully vetted. Founded in 1983, The Plumb Club’s Member Directory is an essential resource that allows for mutually beneficial relationships to flourish between jewelry retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, and connoisseurs who work together to keep the industry strong. The Plumb Club is one of the jewelry and watch industry’s top supplier organizations, and its Member Directory is comprised of the most well-established and respected companies in the industry. Keep reading to learn why the Plumb Club’s Member Directory is an indispensable tool for those involved in the world of jewelry.

  1. Carefully Selected List of Top Suppliers

The Plumb Club Member Directory is crafted very intentionally and meticulously to unite only the most prominent and trustworthy suppliers in the jewelry, diamond, and watch industries. All members must endure a rigorous selection process after which only the most reputable companies are selected to join. This strict selection process ensures that jewelry producers and retailers can rely on the Member Directory to connect with leading suppliers in the industry that are committed to excellence in all facets of their business.

  1. A Diverse Range of Products and Services

Variety and diversity in products and services is a defining feature of the Plumb Club Member Directory. From luxury jewelry and fine watches to synthetic and natural diamonds, the Member Directory boasts a broad range of products and services suitable for virtually every niche and style.

  1. Emphasis on Ethical Standards and Responsibility

The Plumb Club sets the bar high for members in terms of their commitment to ethical standards and responsible behavior. All members must comply with the Plumb Club Code of Responsibility in which they pledge to conduct business ethically, be champions of human rights and environmental sustainability, source gemstones, natural diamonds, lab created diamonds, and precious metals responsibly in a manner that is conflict free, as well as following all relevant laws and regulations.

.4. Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) Certification:

All members of the Plumb Club Member Directory are mandated to gain certification from the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). The choice to make the RJC certification a membership requirement adds significant credibility to the Member Directory and ensures that all members are equally dedicated to maintaining the jewelry industry’s reputation in terms of ethical, social, and environmental behavior.

  1. More Confidence for Retailers and Consumers

Retailers who partner with suppliers that are listed in the Plumb Club Member Directory can heighten their own reputation and credibility. The decision for a retailer to showcase their affiliation with suppliers who are part of the directory has a trickledown effect of and ultimately results in more confident customers.

  1. Stay Up to Date with Industry Trends

Much more than just a list of carefully selected suppliers, the Plumb Club Member Directory is also a way for those in the industry to stay up to date with the most current trends and news. See what’s making headlines when it comes to lab grown diamonds or the diamond engagement ring styles that are most popular. The directory provides the opportunity for manufacturers and retailers to stay at the top of their niche by gaining access to valuable information in the form of trend reports, industry insights, and news updates.

  1. User Friendly Interface Allows for Easy Navigation

Thanks to the intuitive and easy to use interface, you can browse through the Plumb Club Member Directory effortlessly. Navigate comfortably by looking through various categories or by using responsive search filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  1. Ample Opportunities for Networking and Collaboration

Connect with likeminded professionals and industry leaders who are keen to establish mutually beneficial partnerships and share your passion for clean origin quality diamonds and have high standards for diamond jewelry just like you. The Plumb Club’s Member Directory provides an invaluable opportunity to drive business growth for all diamond manufacturers in the world.

The Plumb Club’s Member Directory provides a competitive advantage for anyone involved in the jewelry industry thanks to its comprehensive list of top suppliers, its unwavering promise to uphold high ethical standards, and commitment to responsible business practices. The directory truly allows jewelry manufacturers and retailers to have access to the very best in products and services which ultimately ensures positivity, sustainability, and longevity of the entire jewelry industry.