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A groundbreaking and useful exploration tool and reference guide that is easy-to-use, totally discoverable, immersive and at your fingertips 365 days a year. It is provided free to the entire jewelry industry by The Plumb Club for the purpose of shaping the future of the jewelry industry via education, innovation, and connection, by reputable sources. Here, you will discover educational materials in a variety of learning methods, such as auditory, written, and visual formats.

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Below are just some of the exciting features to see & explore:


The listen area provides you with auditory learning modules on a variety of helpful subjects. Short podcasts are usually less than 20 minutes in length, covering a plethora of jewelry related information, which are authored and delivered by experts in each field. 



Indulge in a myriad of written articles, which are available to you in our reading area, searchable by subject if you are looking for specific information. Articles, from a variety of industry-known authors and editors, offer information on trends, consumer insights, and best practices.



See visual presentations and learning videos, which can be watched in our innovative viewing room. Get advice and understanding from industry experts on a myriad of searchable subjects that affect the industry and impact your business.




Keep up-to-date on important headlines and daily industry news in the newsroom with a live news-feed provided by a InStore Magazine. Looking for historic articles? The search feature will allow you to read pieces from previous dates.




If you’re looking to discover a new service provider or source in any jewelry related category, our sourcing center will allow you to view  a plethora of helpful companies, contractors, and names that can help you with your business.




A handy collection of searchable and useful charts and tables, documents and helpful links which can help you with almost every jewelry question that may arise during your daily business, along with an abundance of related content providing various points of view. Additionally, a precious metals pricing chart is updated daily.




Get a front row seat to numerous live education seminars, events, presentations, and webinars hosted by The Plumb Club, throughout the year.




Our meeting rooms will be used for a variety of purposes, such as in person meetings with The Plumb Club, as well as breakout sessions during live auditorium events.





The information hub is at the heart of the Jewelers Resource Center and can be used to learn about The Plumb Club, learn about the Jewelers Resource Center areas, or to explore The Plumb Club Members. This tool provides you either a name directory or a menu that allows you to search by category, thereby providing you a list of members most pertinent to your needs.



Visit our members by taking a ride directly to their showrooms in a private elevator. Learn about each company, view product, and discover the tools that each member has to offer to help you with your business. Simply choose a member from the elevator panel inside or choose to explore our members.

The Future is NOW….and the Future is the Jewelers Resource Center at TPC-365 brought to you by The Plumb Club!

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