The Plumb Club’s new series of podcasts is produced to provide you, the retailer, with information and insights across a variety of disciplines. Monthly subjects will cover a group of business topics and consumer insights, supplying retailers with knowledge and immediately actionable steps that you can use to impact your business.


Beyond Birthstones – Telling Stories with Gems: Cheryl Kremkow provides expert advice on how to connect with customers using the power of storytelling. She takes you through five different types of stories you can tell about any gem and gives you three actionable tips to help make your business more successful. Cheryl Kremkow helps companies create their own distinctive gem stories and is a consultant for Plumb Club Member Carl K. Gumpert, who creates diamond and gemstone jewelry and custom engagement rings. She is the former editor of Modern Jeweler Magazine and author of her own blog, Gem Obsessed. To listen to this podcast, click here.


Five Tips to Modern Marketing: Jiji Lee highlights how investing in your digital marketing is now “a must” for retailers – spotlighting evolving consumer shopping habits and discussing the audience migration to modern-day marketing channels from historically popular ones. She provides insight into “inspirational audiences” and “aspirational audiences” and how to target messaging and content to provide “the right message to the right audience at the right time.”  Further, she advises retailers to keep up with their digital marketing by monitoring what works and what does not.  Jiji Lee is the marketing director for Plumb Club Member, Jewelmark/Renaissance Jewelry New York, creators of the branded lines Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry and Hallmark Fine Jewelry, as well as suppliers of fine diamond and gemstone jewelry set into platinum, gold and silver. To listen to this podcast, click here.

Lab Grown Gemstones & Diamonds: Become Fearless in the Age of Progression and Change: Monica McDaniel takes you through the rich history of created gems from their origins in the early 1800’s to today. She provides you an understanding of the technical differences between the various gem creation processes and the terminology used to describe them. Additionally, she gives you tips on language you can use in-store to “become fearless” and speak succinctly about the differences between lab-grown and earth-mined gems. Monica McDaniel is the Vice President and Marketing Director of Chatham Created Gems and Diamonds. To listen to this podcast, click here.

Diamond Trends in Today’s World: Jeffrey Cohen gives a insiders look at the current consumer diamond demand when it comes to engagement rings. He provides knowledge and insight. across the 3 major retail sectors of the market, into the most popular diamond shapes and the most commonly used qualities, as well as information on the desirability of “composite-heads” and single stones.  Additionally, he discusses the up-tick of lab-grown diamonds and the use of other precious and semi-precious colored gemstones in engagement rings.  Jeffrey Cohen is the Vice President of Sales for KGS Jewels, a DTC sight holder with one of the largest diamond cutting factories in the world. To listen to this podcast, click here.

Responsible Practices As A Company Strategy. Marketing leader Mark Hanna showcases how companies who demonstrate responsible practices have a competitive advantage – specifically with Gen Z and Millennial consumers. He provides consumer research statistics that point out the importance of “purposeful and responsible” consumption, illustrating how this can be an effective company strategy. Mark Hanna is the Chief Marketing Officer of The Richline Group, A Berkshire Hathaway company, the foremost manufacturer and marketer of precious metals and materials.To listen to this podcast, click here.


Focus On A New Clean: Tips to Clean, Engage and Grow Revenue. Kristie Nicolosi helps listeners understand the differences between cleaning and disinfecting. She provides great ideas on why and how stores should talk to customers about jewelry care and gives consumer insights on why a customer wants to buy jewelry care and cleaning products from their jewelry retailer. Kristie Nicolosi is the CEO of The Kingswood Company, a Plumb Club Member and the leading innovator of high-quality, private-label jewelry care products. To listen to this podcast, click here.


10 Tips to Strengthen Your Social Media. Journalist, writer, and media personality Barbara Palumbo provides 10 Tips to help retailers strengthen their social media presence and gain traction! Barbara explains why Instagram is “The King” of social media and how a retailer’s social media should be looked upon as having an additional sales person. From consistency, to engagement, to the art of the hashtag, these insights and tips will help retailers boost their social media presence across all platforms. Barbara Palumbo is a full time editor, writing about both jewelry and watches on her blogs adornmentality.com and whatsonherwrist.com, as well as for nationally recognized publications. Additionally, she is the host of InStore Magazine’s “The Barb Wire” podcast and is a frequent speaker at industry events and trade fairs. To listen to this podcast, click here.


Clicks & Mortar – Staying Relevant In Today’s Marketplace. Author, retail consultant and sales-trainer Kate Peterson provides insights on how the evolution of consumer behavior has been drastically accelerated and how retailers must be innovative in order to stay relevant. She points out the shifting “information balance” between the consumer and retailer and provides tips and tools on both where and how to meet and work with this new customer in a way that will exceed their expectation and keep the retailer in the forefront of their market. Peterson is the President and CEO of Performance Concepts Inc., a company that provides innovative and effective consultation and training in the luxury industry. To listen to this podcast, click here.



Advertising Myth-busters – Expectancy vs. Reality by Brian Lazar gives insight into the “myths” of advertising and the reality of what the tactic can and can’t do. He explains advertising goals and how advertising can position a store. Further, he takes the listener through the execution of good advertising and the pros and cons of various ad placement vehicles. Brian Lazar is the vice president of sales and marketing with IGS Creative, a full-service advertising and marketing company specializing in the jewelry industry. To listen to this podcast, click here.


Public Relations Ground Rules – Growing Business Using PR by PR veterans, Heather Zachary and Melissa Berry will take listeners through the art of writing an effective press release and when it’s appropriate to use a media alert. They educate the retailer on how to build a media list and target appropriate editors with relevant messaging that compels them to run your story.  Further, they give insight into the delicate art of “follow up” with the press and how to repurpose effectively on social media. Heather Zachary and Melissa Berry are founders of H&M Media, a boutique PR agency based in NYC that specializes in the jewelry and watch industry. To listen to this podcast, click here.

Retail Reinvigoration – Visual Merchandising Tips That Stimulate Sales. Pam Levine, Brand Experience Specialist, President of Levine Luxury Branding, presents Retail Reinvigoration- Visual merchandising tips that stimulate sales. The ultimate goal of successful and engaging product presentations is to inspire customers to touch, try on and buy. When you think of your merchandise presentations, window displays and your environment, do you consider it your “space of engagement”?  Visual merchandising and retail experience are the silent sellers that express and impress your brand experience in the hearts and minds of your customers. Pam provides: pertinent questions that enable you to conduct your own store assessment, learn about silent selling techniques, design and merchandising resources and the psychology behind product arrangements that stimulate buying decisions. To listen to this podcast, click here.

Continuous Content Can Create Customers. Monica Elias, founder, CEO and Executive Producer of Elias World Media, illustrates that getting to know your customers and creating a continuous stream of relevant content can not only keep your store top of mind with customers when they can’t get in to see you, but can inspire your customers as they plan for self-purchase and gifting opportunities. She discusses the three C’s of content (Connect, Create, and Communicate) and gives information on how to make a connection between what’s trending in the media and what you have in your store. Monica shares creative ideas on how to story tell around product and shares easy tips on how to photograph and create video to bring it to life. Additionally, she gives great ideas on how to calendar your posts and seek coop help from your vendors.  To listen to this podcast, click here.


The New Bridal Consumer – How You Can Best Help! Severine Ferrari, editor and founder of Engagement 101 talks about the newest trends in the engagement ring market. Further, she will give you insights on the new consumer and ideas on how you can shift your thinking and use inclusive language to help you win their confidence and make the sale. To listen to this podcast, click here.


Cracking The Code on Customer Experience With Platinum. Kevin Reilly, Vice President of Platinum Guild International, explains how having platinum in your merchandising mix can help you create customer satisfaction. He illustrates several benefits of presenting the metal to consumers and language that you can use in store to explain these benefits to your customers. To listen to this podcast, click here.


Come back and visit this page for future podcasts, which will cover a variety of topics such as visual merchandising, relationship marketing, content creation, advertising myths, PR and social media tips.


Posted on September 1, 2020