Coming from a country rich in jewelry tradition, with the grandeur of the Maharajahs, a young man by the name of Natwar Shah founded his first diamond company. Nearly five decades ago, this newly founded Company worked to bridge the diamond trade gap between the East and West. Overcoming many obstacles, Shah made the bold move to the United States successfully supplying diamonds to some of today’s most renowned diamond companies.

Having reached great success as a rough diamond evaluator and diamond manufacturer, he continued his quest to make a difference by embracing the world of finished jewelry and once again, boldly embarked on a colorful journey that continues to this day.

After four decades in the diamond and jewelry industry, the Shah Luxury Group boldly emerges a better company: a leader in pushing the boundaries of technology, innovation, and design. We strive to produce world-class jewelry that not only appeals to the most discerning clients in the United States and Canada, but to those in markets across the globe.

Never being content with the status quo, our vision is to stand out, to be the embodiment of excellence in the world of fine jewelry. We strive to earn the respect of our customers by exceeding their expectations with integrity and uncompromising service. Our Primary Objective is, of course, to adorn the world with beautiful jewelry while maintaining a spirit of camaraderie, social responsibility, appreciation and humility.

More than just a fine jewelry company; Shah Luxury Group creates everlasting symbols of love, integrity and unity.

Products & Collections

A dynamic bridal line that is helping to attract a new generation of customers who appreciate the innovative beauty of our designs, it’s artistic expression and impeccable quality.
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Luminous Luminous
Designer Bridal and Fashion jewelry with a Luminous diamond bouquet which looks three times bigger than its diamond weight making the piece look bigger and affordable on price.
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A collection of must-have fashion jewelry that brings glamour to everyday wear. The collection features Pendants, Earrings, Promise Rings, Color Diamond Studs, Bracelets and Bands.
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As You Wish Custom As You Wish Custom
A unique approach to jewelry customization, capable of fulfilling the most ambitious of visions, by meticulously crafting today what are sure to become the heirlooms of tomorrow.
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CARIZZA Diamonds CARIZZA Diamonds
The perfectly arranged facets to a traditional round brilliant cut diamond, make our patented CARIZZA Diamond stand in a class of its own taking scintillation to the highest level.
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