LALI Jewels, a family owned and operated company, was established in 2015 by brothers Arun and Adam Bassalali, a third-generation jewelry family. 

LALI Jewels has a robust portfolio of styles in Precious, Semi- Precious and Diamond fashion, allowing us to deliver products that cater to our clients. From classical basics to extravagant beauty of fashion forward at a competitive rate.

We are distinguished by providing our network of retailers with the highest level of service, product design and long-term expertise in the jewelry industry.

We just celebrated our 8th anniversary with customers like you who enable us to grow and remain a part of your success. Thank you for your loyalty. If we haven’t yet met, we invite you to become part of our growing family.

Products & Collections

Peacock Pendant with Chain Peacock Pendant with Chain
LALI Pendant with Chain (PRC06532AM) featuring diamond, 154 multicolor stones and 11x9mm amethyst Proud Peacock set in 14K rose gold.  
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Branch Emerald Earring Branch Emerald Earring
LALI Beautiful Branch Earrings (EY04098EMV) featuring round diamond and marquis emerald set in 14K yellow gold.
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Swiss Blue Topaz Ring Swiss Blue Topaz Ring
LALI Cocktail Ring (RD01730BS) featuring a stunning 18x14mm Pear shape swiss blue topaz stone and diamond set in 18K yellow gold.
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London & Swiss Blue Topaz Necklace London & Swiss Blue Topaz Necklace
LALI Ocean’s Wave Necklace (NY01658BS) featuring 49 pear shaped London & Swiss blue topaz in wave of colors; 32ct pendant surrounded by 48 round cut diamonds set in 14K yellow gold. 16 inches.  
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Diamond Ring Diamond Ring
LALI Celebration Ring (RY03582DD) featuring 57 diamond set in 14K yellow gold.
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Diamond Necklace Diamond Necklace
LALI Diamond Cascade Necklace (NW04229DD) featuring 97 diamonds set in 14K white cold 16-18 inches.  
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Pearl Necklace Pearl Necklace
LALI Tin Cup Fresh water Pearl Necklace (NY00642PF)  featuring 23 single pearls 6-6.5mm set in 14K yellow gold. 18 inch.
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Sapphire and Diamond Earrings Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
LALI Linear Drop Earrings (EW05118SB) featuring sapphire baguette and round diamonds set in 14K white gold.
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Turquoise Ring Turquoise Ring
LALI Turquoise Ring (RY00262TQ) featuring 10ct dome shaped Turquoise and 34 diamonds set in 14K yellow gold.
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