Continental Jewellery, a one stop company, is dedicated to design, manufacture and export fine Jewelry products. Over the past 4 decades, we have established trusting relationships with majors, mid-size chains, wholesalers and independent jewelers worldwide. With headquarter in Hong Kong and sales offices in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Europe, we have successfully built a very strong global customer base. Our products are distributed to over 20 countries in the world and we continue to increase and strengthen our presence and customer connectivity in key markets.

As one of the largest Jewelry manufacturers in the world, we have an extensive and varied range of jewelry from classic timeless pieces to more contemporary and cutting-edge designs, at price points to suit every customer. Benchmark for craftsmanship, excellence and innovation, Continental has become the global companion of choice for a sophisticated clientele.

In 2020, we celebrated the 45th year of jewelry manufacturing excellence. Our addition of Novell provides an unrivaled manufacturing capability.

Products & Collections

Bridal Bridal
Nothing is more important than to have an engagement ring that is as special and romantic as the relationship. Choose this unique symbol for the beginning of your new story.
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Quattour Glace Quattour Glace
Like ice crystals forming the perfect snowflake, diamond clusters create a SPARKLE that is unsurpassed.
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Metropolis Metropolis
Brings together different shapes of diamonds, designed to catch the light from every facet. This collection offers rings, earrings and pendants that sparkle like stars together.
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Cluster Set Cluster Set
With an impressive show of diamond accents, the illusion of one large glittering diamond ensures an astonishing sparkle that is truly brilliant.
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Luminous Luminous
Sparkle more, shine bright. These Luminous rings are the perfect blend of heritage, time honored craftsmanship and quality.  Ideal for an ever-changing world.
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Mirari Mirari
Your destiny lies in your own hands. The Mirari collection reminds you to be brave, dare to imagine, and explore your infinite possibilities.
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Wide Band Rings Wide Band Rings
With more room for extra dazzling diamond, these two-tone wide band rings feature tons of sparkle that make a meaningful statement.
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New Jersey, USA
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