Amassing a cumulative trade experience that transcends over four decades, Goldstar Jewellery, has firmly etched itself as a preferred supplier to most Major National and Multi-National retail jewelry brands.

Under the leadership of current Plumb Club President, Michael Lerche, Goldstar Jewellery has set a standard for what is expected when it comes to both quality of product and customer service.

Goldstar’s global operations include five state-of-the-art factories, a workforce of over 1500 people, and a production capacity of more than 1 million pieces a year.

Goldstar is one of the largest extruded tubing and machine set factories in the world, developing new applications for technology in jewelry manufacturing every day. Our patented special cuts are known worldwide, and with marketing and merchandising teams that span across multiple countries, we are constantly evolving based on our customers’ needs.

Facilitating an inclusive environment and working together with different cultures and backgrounds, Goldstar has been able to assure its authenticity and integrity in an ever-changing global market, and is determined to always be considered a leading supplier of diamond jewelry product.

Products & Collections

Machine Set Bands Machine Set Bands
Extruded tubing technology coupled with machine setting procedures; helps to produce one of the most durable and consistent diamond bands in the market.
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Bridal & Engagement Rings Bridal & Engagement Rings
Analyzing current market trends and working closely with our product development and merchandising teams, Goldstar creates unique bridal pieces that capture our customer’s needs.
Special Cuts Special Cuts
Goldstar’s special cuts provide an alternative to fancy shape solitaires with multi-tone composites that appear 50% larger than a single stone of comparable weight.
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Anniversary Bands Anniversary Bands
Goldstar understands the delicacy & durability needed for everyday use of diamond anniversary bands. Whether celebrating a nuptial or mixing & matching, bands can be worn in various ways.
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Men’s / Gents Men’s / Gents
Goldstar has become synonymous with the Men’s & Gents category. From basic machine bands to fashion statement rings, we have a wide array of styling to meet every need.
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Fashion Jewelry Fashion Jewelry
Gold and diamond earrings, pendants, bracelets, bangles and rings for every occasion.
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