Wholesale Jewelry Distributors

The Plumb Club is a unique collective of innovative Wholesale jewelry distributors and suppliers who lead the diamond, watch, and jewelry industries with pride. This coalition was founded in 1983 by a small yet dedicated group of world-class wholesale jewelry distributors and jewelry manufacturers who paved the way to becoming the first choice for jewelry suppliers around the globe.

A large part of the domestic fine jewelry supply is accounted for by The Plumb Club’s members. The members who form part of this exclusive club are expected to adhere to an exceptionally high standard as shown by the Code of Responsibility members are mandated to sign every year. The values, transparency, and integrity outlined in this code are what facilitate and maintain the professional collaborations between manufacturers and retailers

Becoming Certified Members of The Responsible Jewelry Council

The Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) is a group that sets the standards of the timepiece and jewelry industry. The RJC is made up of industry professionals who have spent countless hours perfecting and refining their craft to become leaders in the jewelry space.

This is exactly why The Plumb Club members voted in 2019 to all become members of this organization, to show their unity, support, and dedication to the mission of the Club.

By becoming members of the RJC, The Plumb Club is contributing to the creation of a more sustainable and responsible industry for future generations. This dedication to exceptional work and high standards is what will enable the members of the jewelry, diamond, and watch industries to achieve their collective goals while strengthening their communities together.

Making TPC-365 The Meeting Platform of Choice

TPC-365 is a virtual sales meeting platform that was specifically developed to support the members of the Plumb Club. This platform gives professional retailers the ability to meet with their vendors anytime and from anywhere. By using TPC-365, retailers can closely view extensive inventories without the limitations of traditional video conferencing software.

Additionally, jewelry retailers are able to explore The Plumb Club members via visit to the supplier’s visual showroom. Retailers can learn more about the company or view product and marketing materials easily, then simply set up a virtual sales meeting with a company representative.

TPC-365 users are now able to work together from anywhere, at any time. They can also seamlessly collaborate, meet, and discuss by using their own unique mobile devices.