Founded in 2008, WD Lab Grown Diamonds is the leading producer of laboratory grown diamonds in the United States, headquartered outside of Washington, D.C.  A pioneering materials science company, we leverage our patented and proprietary processes to create high-quality, conflict-free, guaranteed-origin and fully traceable diamonds for the modern consumer.

Certified under SCS Global Services’ Sustainability Rated Diamond Standard, WD is the first company worldwide to offer third-party Certified Sustainability Rated and 100% Climate Neutral diamonds — ‘As Grown’, without requiring post-growth treatment or color enhancement. Our ongoing R&D efforts, coupled with our strategic acquisition of colorless diamond growth laboratory J2 Materials, enable us to achieve bespoke production at a commercial scale — targeting color, shape, and size according to our customers’ needs.

Leading the charge in the disruption of the $15 billion North American diamond gemstone market, and expanding onto the international stage, WD is setting a new standard for integrity, transparency, and sustainability in the industry. Our purpose-led brand evolution continued with the 2021 launch of our consumer-facing diamond brand, Latitude.

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'As Grown’ in the USA 'As Grown’ in the USA
Based out of our state-of-the-art laboratory in the Washington, D.C. area, WD produces fully traceable, high-quality Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds, each ‘As Grown’ without post-growth treatment.
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Sustainability Certified Sustainability Certified
As the first diamond company to be sustainability certified, granted by third-party SCS Global Services following a year-long audit, our diamonds achieve The 5th C: Climate Neutrality™.
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Patent Protected Patent Protected
WD is the exclusive licensee of the single crystal CVD diamond growth technology developed by the Carnegie Institution for Science and continues to focus on innovation and Research and Development.
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Bespoke Diamonds Bespoke Diamonds
The only company producing repeatable, commercial volumes of to-specification CVD diamonds, WD offers bespoke product development at scale, with targeted cut, color, and size based on your needs.
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WD Lab Grown Diamonds Promotes Mike Grunza to CEO

BELTSVILLE, Md.–WD Lab Grown Diamonds (“WD”), a leading producer of large, ultra-high-quality laboratory grown diamonds for the jewelry, scientific and industrial markets has promoted Mike Grunza to CEO as part of WD’s leadership succession plan.

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