First Class Quality in Design and Manufacturing since 1927

Breuning is a renowned manufacturer of gold and silver jewelry, including wedding rings. Breuning is one of the leading wedding ring manufacturers in Europe.

The success of the brand is based on the combination of creative innovation and first-class quality. Day by day, this is the motivation for our work. It’s the knowledge and the traditional craftsmanship our staff are dedicated to that enable us to provide innovative designs in such a precise manner. This tradition of high-end production and mastery in design has been our forte since our founding. Breuning was founded in 1927 by Franz Breuning, the grandfather of current CEO Marcus Breuning.

Marcus continues these traditions. These days Breuning has machinery and tooling which is unparalleled on an international scale. Due to these facilities, technically challenging patterns can be realized which means that there is no limit to innovation in design.

Products & Collections

31/04596-0 31/04596-0
Pendant – 585/- white dark blue topaz (swiss blue)/BRILL. 0,035 Ct. w/si 1.16g.
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41/05711-34-47+44/01541-35+41/05708-34-10 41/05711-34-47+44/01541-35+41/05...
Ring 585/W dark blue topaz (swiss blue)/ Brill 0.12 ct. w/si + Ring 585/red+ Ring 585/W diamond fc 0.105 ct w/si
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62/00572-6F-268 62/00572-6F-268
Necklet 925/rh/yellow white sapphires 38.32g
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52/00320-6R-47 52/00320-6R-47
Bracelet 925/RH dark blue topaz (swiss blue)
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44/01541-31+41/05708-31-10+44/01541-31+41/05709-34-10 44/01541-31+41/05708-31-10+44/01...
Ring 585/Y + Ring 585/Y diamond fc 0.105 ct w/si+ Ring 585/Y diamond fc 0.105 ct w/si+ Ring 585/Y diamond fc 0.10 ct w/si
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06/60851-32-10 06/60851-32-10
Earrings 585/Bic diamond fc 0.344 Ct. w/si
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41/05724-35-10 41/05724-35-10
Ring 585/Red diamond fc 0.172 ct w/si
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52/00315-6F-268 52/00315-6F-268
Bangle 925/RH/Y g. white sapphires
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