What Do Women Want? Ask Your Staff

When deciding how to assort your collections—and what new categories make sense to bring into your store—you’ve got a pretty reliable sounding board standing right in front you: Your customers! Ask them if there are any jewelry trends they’re loving, what they think of a particular trend you might want to try (hello, permanent bracelets!), or flash a photo of something you saw at JCK Las Vegas to get their feedback. Free market research—what could be better?

The other people to poll for feedback on these topics are your employees (especially if they’re a member of your target demographic). Bonus: If they love a jewel on a personal level, it will practically sell itself, on and off the floor. And if you find that multiple staffers of all ages and style profiles are gravitating toward a particular piece, it’s a pretty good indicator of how your clientele will respond to it.

Need more real-world opinions on product? TPC Members asked their most stylish staffers for their personal wish list items and we’ve highlight them below.


“Our Legacy eternity band is a brand staple and an award-winning piece. Beautiful, elegant, and sophisticated, diamond eternity bands are timeless and make a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. They are also incredibly versatile and can be worn alone or paired with an engagement ring or other pieces of jewelry.”—Priscilla Hueb, creative director, A. Jaffe

F.D. Worldwide

“A durable and timeless bracelet, with well-made solid gold links and masterfully hand-set micro-pavé diamonds (5.44 cts. t.w.). The style is available in white diamonds, yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, black diamonds, and blue diamonds, my personal favorite. The unique blue diamonds can be worn for formal dress codes or work as a statement fashion piece to wear with jeans.”-—Corinna Bhasin, vice president, F.D. Worldwide

“We just got this ring in and I instantly fell in love with it. The style is trendy and fresh and will look good both causally and for a special occasion. I recently had a big birthday and my mom’s gift to me is a ring of my choice. This may be the one!”–—Holly Hoffmann, Director of Special Events, Lali Jewels 

Lali Jewels

“The Dandelion Love collection is an endearing assortment that features a diverse range of distinctive designs. Its narrative is what captivates me most, as it is widely believed that blowing on dandelions can transport once’s thoughts and aspirations to loved ones. Personally, it evokes fond memories of my childhood, when blowing dandelions and watching their tiny seeds drift into the air was a cherished pastime.”—Nancy Italia-Gajera, business development executive, Aneri Jewels

“The Aurelie Gi Jaida tsavorite and white sapphire climber earring is definitely number one on my wish list! Green gemstones are on the rise this spring and summer, and this climber earring is giving the trend an edgier look. I also love how easy it is to mix the earring in with your existing ear-stack line up.”–Makenzie Essary, sales and marketing specialist, Chic Pistachio


“I love style F23A6, which looks like a tiara, and I feel like a princess when I put it on. I recently got married and have this on my wish list for my anniversary.” —Vy Trinh, director of social media, Ostbye

Retailers, remember that you have many resources available to you—including a robust library of TPC content—when it comes to the latest product news and trends.