JCK Las Vegas 2023 Survival Guide – Expert Tips for a Successful Show

If you’ve ever visited The Plumb Club’s plush-carpeted pavilion during JCK Las Vegas, you already know: our members strive to take good care of you. Chair massages, an oxygen bar, refreshments throughout the day, a telephone-charging tower and a complete business center are just some of the ways we treat our retailers right.


But when you leave us, you’re on your own—in the desert playground that is the Strip. Luckily there are a number of ways to beat the heat, push through several days’ worth of appointments with ease, and still have energy left to have a little fun.

It may feel like every JCK show is the same year after year, but there are always improvements to the retailer/buyer experience. “You can create a plan of attack to cover your needs in all areas—from machines/tools, merchandise basics, designer and high-end, diamonds and gems, as well as various services—with the help of the JCK mobile app and the online exhibitor list,” says Sarin Bachmann, group vice president of RX Jewelry Group. “Map these areas out so that you cover all the sections of the show, and most importantly, leave ample time to explore and discover new vendors and trends that will shape the industry for the year to come.”

Bachmann’s Best Tips 

  • “Take it from somebody who has walked many trade shows: Bringing multiple pairs of comfortable (but stylish) shoes is key. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row and don’t use this time to break in a new pair. These days, fashionable sneakers are in style which is great news for our feet!”
  • “Save time for fun at JCK! There will be a lot of creative activations around the show floor along with networking and other social gatherings. All of these are designed to inspire, spark joy, create connections and give you a chance to share with your customers the excitement of seeing everything at JCK.”
  • “Share what you see on the show floor and at The Plumb Club Pavilion on your social networks to get your customers excited to come to your store after JCK and learn about all the trends and new pieces you discovered.”

As for The Plumb Club, we’ve been at this for 30+ years and have some tips of our own. Check out our members’ best advice below, digest, and then get ready for an incredible show. We’ll see you there!

        K.P. Sanghvi


  • Be prepared: Bring at least one customer-facing outfit in your carryon bag in case your luggage gets lost.
  • Be well: Pack any medications in your carryon or handbag.

At The Show

  • Charge it: A properly charged-up phone allows you to keep in touch with your team and vendors onsite and with store staff at home. You will also need a healthy phone battery to take multiple photos and videos of pieces you love (to share on your social channel or with individual clients) in real time. Consider switching to “low battery mode” in your smartphone settings to get more mileage out of you charge. Pro tip: The TPC business center always has a phone charger.
  • Learn and leverage: Attend Today’s Changing Customer: Who, When and What They’re Buying! on Sunday, June 4, to keep abreast of the latest consumer insights in the jewelry category. This will be our formal presentation of The Plumb Club Industry Market Insights 2023, a multi-faceted and comprehensive study, undertaken this year to help define today’s consumer, learn what influences their purchase decisions, what they’re looking for and where they go to get it. (All TPC members will have copies of the research available to retailers so take the opportunity to say hello to one of your favorite Plumb Club vendors.)
  • Discover and explore: Use the show to see and learn about a new vendor who you may not be as familiar with.
  • Mingle! Use JCKs lineup of events to network and forge new connections.

    Continental / Novell

Health & Wellness

  • Hydrate: The TPC cafe provides complimentary water to retailers, and drinking a bunch of it is essential to thriving in Vegas’ desert climate (even with the AC blasting).
  • Stay in the zone: East coasters should try to remain on their original time zone, which for many will facilitate time to work out in the morning before the show, catch up on work emails and more.
  • Moisturize: No amount of lotion for hands, face, and body is enough. Also ask your hotel for a humidifier in your room .
  • Relax: Take breaks during the day to rejuvenate. The Plumb Club’s “spa is destined to be a retailer favorite.
  • Fortify: Very few of us have time for a sit-down lunch off the show floor. Keep your energy levels up with refreshments and snacks at The Plumb Club Cafe.