5 Key Learnings to Consider
When Speaking to Gifters & Self-Purchasers

Platinum Guild International USA developed an easy-to-navigate infographic that will enable retailers and brands to understand better the mindset of ‘gifters’ versus that of self-purchasers. Based on a research study conducted by 360 Market Research on behalf of PGI USA in late 2020, the infographic delves into several key differences that the industry should be mindful of when developing consumer-facing messaging, whether for advertising programs, in-store promotions, or social media campaigns.

The infographic focuses on five key areas:

  • Who is buying?

    • Gifters are a predominantly male audience, with 78% of male respondents having bought a gift for a significant other in the past two years, as opposed to only 28% of women. Generationally, Millennials are out-gifting all the rest, followed by Gen Xers.
    • Women treat themselves a bit more often than men, as 52% of those females identified as self-purchasers reported buying themselves a piece of fine jewelry in the past two years. Again, Millennials lead the pack of self-purchasers; nearly twice as many of those born in the ‘aughts’ made a purchase for themselves than those in the next closest generation, Gen X.


  • Who is receiving?

    • When segmented by generations, Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers buy for their significant others a lot. Interestingly, however, when Gen Zers are in the mood to give a gift, their mom will most likely be the recipient.


  • Why are they buying?

    • When asked why they were purchasing, ‘Just Because’ was the top reason for nearly half of the identified self-purchasers. Classic jewelry-buying occasions, specifically milestone birthdays and graduations, were still deemed essential to mark with the purchase of a piece of fine jewelry.


  • Where are they finding inspiration?

    • Surprisingly, in the day and age of everything digital, in-store visits proved nearly as inspirational as websites for both gifters and self-purchasers. Advertising and social media also played a part in the decision-making, but perhaps not to the degree to which we often believe they do.


  • Where are they shopping?

    • For both gifters and self-purchasers, more than 90% of respondents confirmed they shop in-store and will continue to do so. The importance of being able to see, touch, and try on fine jewelry will never diminish. That said, consumers have no fear of purchasing jewelry online, making a company’s digital presence critically essential to continue to maximize the opportunity to grow that channel.


This study showed that in the cases of both the gifters and self-purchasers, more than two-thirds plan to purchase platinum in the future, which signifies the opportunity for jewelers, retailers, designers, and brands across the board to focus on platinum as a business segment.

 The infographic is available for download at www.platinumlearning.com/helpful-hints.

Platinum Guild International is dedicated to promoting platinum and its pure, rare, eternal qualities to the consumer and the jewelry trade.  PGI  has offices in each of the world’s major jewelry markets, providing information, assistance, and education on all aspects of platinum jewelry.

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