Who Has The Best Red-Carpet Jewelry Style?
TPC Members Have Some Thoughts

Following red carpet events is a must when you work in the jewelry industry. Moments like men wearing brooches (Michael B. Jordan and others at the 2023 Oscars); a parade of supersized earrings (Taylor Swift at the 2023 Grammys; the Princess of Wales at the BAFTAs); and multi-colored gemstone stories (see: Zendaya at the 2023 Screen Actors Guild Awards, whose necklace paired morganite, aquamarine and tanzanite with spinels and diamonds) are great for starting conversations with customers, especially on social media.

As is often the case, red carpet jewelry trends can trickle down into the commercial fine jewelry market. All the yellow diamonds we see out there now almost certainly refer back to Lady Gaga wearing what is probably the world’s most famous yellow diamond necklace to the 2019 Oscars. The 2023 Met Gala in early May was a sea of pearl jewelry (owing to its Karl Lagerfeld theme), and should give demand for pearls—which are already trending—an extra boost going into the fall and holiday seasons.

And then there are the stars themselves, whose red-carpet choices can provide endless inspiration when it comes to thinking about who your customer is and the style you want her to aspire to. Think about these celebrity muses when it comes to curating pieces for photo shoots (“How would Rihanna wear this?”) or when you work on your branding messages (“If I were Michelle Yeoh, would I find this font compelling?”).

So, who has the best red carpet-jewelry style out there? We asked TPC members to identify the brightest stars.

Instagram photo via @michelleyeohofficial

Michelle Yeoh’s recent Oscar win highlighted her exquisite taste in jewelry, but what impressed me most was her class and elegance displayed in the movie Crazy Rich Asians. When she saw the fake jewelry props on set, she told the director that she had a better ring, referring to a large emerald ring with two diamond solitaires on each side from her personal collection. This ring not only played a pivotal role in the movie but is also something that Yeoh purchased for herself. Her choice and confidence speak volumes about her refined taste and cool demeanor.”—Nancy Italia-Gajera, business development executive, Aneri Jewels

 “As a leader in the fine jewelry industry, we have come to acknowledge that style is not only subjective and a sense of personal expression, but also spans multiple generations. We feel women like Zendaya, Coco Chanel, Jennifer Aniston, and many others express confidence, self-awareness, and a love for fashion.”—Darshna Rana, senior marketing manager, A. Jaffe

“Victoria Beckham and Amal Clooney are two of my style icons. They are both amazing businesswomen/professionals and both have fantastic long-term significant others in their lives that exemplify true partnerships. Victoria Beckham has 15 engagement rings and each one is stunning! Amal Clooney has dozens of classic and fashion-forward jewelry looks—and her earrings are always amazing.”—Kristie Nicolosi, president and CEO, The Kingswood Company

“I adore Zoe Kravitz’s edgy-yet-elegant jewelry style. She’s usually found rocking chic, dainty ear curations or statement earrings, or a combo of both. On the red carpet, she’s usually outfitted with a major dose of diamonds around her neck or stacked on her wrists. While Zoe’s jewelry choices are rarely subtle, they come across as sophisticated and understated. Whether she is spotted running errands in a t-shirt or in premiere-appropriate attire, she is always wearing the jewelry—it is never wearing her.” —Katherine Whitacre, national sales director, Chic Pistachio

   Instagram photo via @annehathaway

“I have always thought Anne Hathaway wears jewelry so well. I like that she has many different looks, from the Audrey Hepburn style to a relaxed, girl-next-door look. I think in our industry it is important to stay current in the fashion world, watching the runway shows, the red carpet, reality TV, and following influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms to see what the younger generation is wearing in terms of everyday jewelry.”Theresa Namie, merchandise manager, Ostbye

“A successful Asian woman on the global stage, Michelle Yeoh is our leading lady of influence. She is youthful yet unapologetic in embracing her age. The recent recognition of her talent [Yeoh won the Best Actress Oscar for her role in 2023’s Everything Everywhere All At Once] is a product of her hard work and guts, always putting herself up for challenging positions to prove her skills.” Corinna Bhasin, vice president, F.D. Worldwide

We suggest you follow all of these tastemakers on Instagram and consider adding royals like the Princess of Wales (a.k.a. Kate Middleton) and royal-adjacent Meghan Markle to your list, as well. Whenever celebrities wear jewelry in public, it’s big money for the brands and the jewelers who carry them. Remember that anything that approximates the look is fair game—so make sure you’re surfacing those celeb-approved jewelry styles to your customers whenever and wherever you can. 

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