Together Means a lot in 2021

Together means a lot in our gathering for the JCK Las Vegas Show at the Sands Expo and Venetian Resort.

The last time we gathered for this event was in June of 2019, and, as this seemingly long, strange trip we’ve been on has evolved our industry, companies and individuals in so many ways, undoubtedly those attending, will be searching for products and resources to be successful, as we enter what will likely be a robust holiday selling season, our first normal holiday together in two years!

‘Together’ is also the basis for the online platform, TPC-365 that The Plumb Club has been rolling out in three phases, since its initial launch last September with two years of research and development invested in its creation. The final phase will be debuted at The Plumb Club at JCK in August. This project is part of the trade organization’s mission to ‘Educate, Innovate and Connect’ our industry.

“As JCK reunites the jewelry industry this August in Las Vegas, we are thrilled to welcome back The Plumb Club, as a key partner and popular show pavilion,” Bachmann says. “The Plumb Club brings the latest collections from their extensive jewelry and watch brands, and always adds interesting retail insights, attendee amenities, and experiences you can’t find anywhere else. JCK and the Plumb Club have worked together to ensure that this year, JCK is the industry event that will reunite the industry and provide unmatched opportunities to buy, sell, network, and celebrate this industry we all love – in person.”

TPC-365, allows for interactive, engaging and immersive exploration through showrooms that provide a 3D experience to engage with each member’s offerings.

TPC-365 was customized for The Plumb Club by BOSS Logics, leveraging its “Together” technology. TPC-365 goes beyond video conferencing and screen sharing to replicate an in-person sales meeting. Launched in April, phase two of the platform rollout offers 3D showrooms for jewelers to explore products, company history, and schedule meetings.

The final-phase of the project, to be launched at JCK Las Vegas this year, unveils the platform’s fully immersive Jewelers Resource Center, archiving valuable education and innovative content. All of The Plumb Club’s content will be stowed here, including trends and news articles, podcasts and webinars.

But this resource center will also include more–from the latest metal prices and reference documents from trade organizations to sponsorship opportunities with non-competing businesses and services and yellow pages of resources.

“We want to build this hub as a resource center that can help retail jewelers on the front lines on a variety of topics,” advocates Lawrence Hess, executive director of The Plumb Club.

As the platform technology name reflects, together Plumb Club vendors want to offer an experience for jewelers, to browse, shop, and discover new things from a curated group, with ancillary support from other organizations and service companies in a robust marketplace.

There will be a display in The Plumb Club Pavilion for jewelers to explore what  and the Jewelers Resource Center has to offer and how together we can all do well. See it live at The Plumb Club Pavilion Booth # PC-240. 

Together We Share Information
The upcoming show will serve as a good post pandemic opportunity to understand where customers have landed, shares Harry Fiorentinos, director of sales for Novell, a subsidiary of Continental based in Rahway, New Jersey. “And, understand access and how we can be a better product supplier in the current environment.” He is looking forward to reconnecting with industry friends and acquaintances, and working together to lay the groundwork for a new normal.

Having just returned from a successful in-person tradeshow in Phoenix late May, Allison Peck, director of design for Brevani, a division of Color Merchants based in New York, says that she’s confident JCK Las Vegas is going to be a success. “Retailers and exhibitors alike are excited to be in-person, see live goods, and catch up with industry friends.”

The in-person experience will also allow for live demonstrations to the latest products and technologies.

“Cleaning remains a top-of-mind issue, and will continue to be a trend,” reminds Heather Brown, public relations and communications for Columbus, Ohio based jewelry care manufacturer, The Kingswood Company. “This show will be a good chance to reconnect with customers and we’re excited to launch in The Plumb Club pavilion our new Clean + Care® product line. It’s perfect for jewelers who want our upscale packaging with a low minimum (12), and don’t have the time or capacity to develop their own private-label line.”

Vendors are excited to share the latest tools and technology they’ve been developing to help jewelers connect with consumers and close sales. Among the many opportunities, guests to The Plumb Club Pavilion can engage in live demonstrations with Shah Luxury showcasing its virtual try-on application and hologram technology, in addition to launching new diamond fashion jewelry to complement its Diva bridal collection.

Neil Shah, owner of Shah Luxury, says its new halogram experience takes what the company had before to the next generation with more customization options, instant pricing, and ability to order immediately from the application. There are so many more features to enhance the customer experience and make it more user-friendly for our retailers.”

Describes Brian Howard, vice president of sales and marketing for Shah: “The technology allows you to change metal color or gemstone in the design as it floats before you,” He says the New York City based jewelry manufacturer became an IT developer, partially out of necessity to bring technology to its customers that makes business more effective, efficient and engaging. The brand, for which half of its sales is custom work, cites the conversion rates for jewelers using their technology to be 30% to 40%.

Many vendors in The Plumb Club also are excited to share what they’ve been working on since COVID to provide jewelers with more digital resources, as Novell and Ostbye announced they’re launching at JCK, as well as new displays to help jewelers to better merchandise and market at the sales counter, like Aneri/Equity Diamond Brokers and Samuel B. are eager to share.

“We are committed to helping our retailers weather through all the changes and do the research for them, so we target what they need regarding product and sales tools,” explains Theresa Namie, Merchandise Manager, Ostbye in Minneapolis Minnesota. She is hopeful this year overall, and Q4 specifically will be successful, reporting that the company has a popular Holiday Wishbook for jewelers and free custom designs platform online that has been a winner.

This same commitment to giving jewelers the tools they need to be successful is echoed among Plumb Club Members, says Fiorentinos “we’re so excited to present jewelers with our new marketing and merchandising initiatives in person.  What we will be discussing with retailers, are the multiple levels we approach targeting savvier product conscious consumers with better integration between bricks and clicks. In 2021, we launched a full online resource center for our retail partners. Novell University features educational podcast series, a jewelry blog, video, and podcast interviews with industry leaders, artists, and designers. is designed with our mission of educating jewelry retailers on Novell products and business practices while using the power of social media to drive foot traffic to their brick and mortar and/or online store.”

There’s no question that there is pent up demand for people to interact in the industry. But retailers coming to the show, are coming to see what’s new and to buy,” says Allen Rosenel, CEO for Equity Diamond Brokers (EDB), based in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1972, which recently merged with Aneri Jewels, New York, affiliate of Laxmi Diamond, Mumbai, India.

Things to think about to be successful:

  • Arrive to the show well rested
  • Wear comfortable attire that can be layered and smart walking shoes
  • Take breaks to hydrate and recharge
  • Take notes and snap pictures regarding people met, products and technology discovered, ideas garnered, and new things learned
  • Share what you are doing and seeing with customers on social media, your adventures make for great behind the scenes posts
  • Tease first looks at new products and collections your customers will find for the holidays