Summer’s Hottest Jewelry Trend Lives “ Under The Sea ”

During Las Vegas Jewelry Week one of the most distinctive trends to emerge was one that embraced sea life, beach motifs (including sun, waves and water), and all things mermaid (almost certainly owing to chatter surrounding Disney’s remake of The Little Mermaid, which opened over Memorial Day Weekend). This overarching aquatic theme largely translated to designs featuring shells, fish and other creatures; a distinctive palette of blues and greens; and an abundance of jewels that conjure the ocean such as pearls and turquoise.

Ania Haie, a division of Chic Pistachio


 A recent article in Vogue gives the pieces its own category: “vacation jewelry,” defined as consisting of  “artful statement necklaces made of wooden charms, beads, macramé, or neutral stones strung on textile strands. For vacation earrings, think super-dangly drops embellished with earthy rattan, wood, and seashells that nod to the natural island scenery that, hopefully, surrounds you.”

But surely there are as many ways to accessorize a vacation-ready look as there are summery drinks on offer at the cabana bar.

“Many people are drawn to the intricate details and textures of sea-inspired jewelry, which often features motifs such as starfish, seahorses, shells, and other creatures,” says Valerie Fletcher, vice president of design and product development at ODI. “Additionally, sea life jewelry can serve as a reminder of holidays or special moments, making it a sentimental and meaningful accessory for many people. Or, it can simply be a way to celebrate nature and the uplifting effect of spending time in the great outdoors.”

ODI / Original Designs

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Now is the time to surface anything in your inventory that applies in your windows, display cases and on social media. Our TPC members have more than a few ideas for you and many of them can ship in time for high-summer dressing.

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The best part about this trend? Seasonless! Sure, it’s perfect for wearing on a vacation by the beach or pool but nature—especially the wonders of the sea—is always in style.