Presents for Parents

While Mom and Dad may forever treasure the macaroni necklace you made for them in kindergarten, adult children can gift with a little more gusto (and gold). It’s safe to say that few mothers have ever turned their nose up at a necklace. That’s why retailers have them at the ready come May; surely motherly appreciation should be available in forms other than Hallmark cards and brunch.

Enter the manufacturers, with a bevy of new precious offerings. The Plumb Club talked to some of the largest and most directional makers about how they’re stocking clients’ stores.

Prime Art & Jewel

The most frequently ordered items are karat gold pendants, bracelets, and hoop earrings. Prime Art & Jewel’s Susie Wilty, director of sales, knows that bracelets stack just as well (or better) as rings and make for easy gifts to give annually. “Bracelets are nice to build on year over year,” she says.

At the Royal Chain Group, gold hoop earrings and heart pendants are top sellers, though bracelets aren’t far behind.

“We’ve seen bracelets perform well during the [spring] season,” says Phillip Gabriel Maroof, vice president of marketing and design. “These holidays are typically our best sales period for gold outside of the winter period.”

Maroof expects bead styles to do well this year and has added a two-tone rose and white gold version to its best-selling Ice chain. “We also introduced a new line of gemstone-accented paperclip bracelets in four color options and new vintage-style hand-engraved 14k gold bangles,” he says.

At Shefi Diamonds, moms love 14k gold and diamond dangling earrings in different shapes, and Lali Jewels maintains that its matching sets have some appeal. ODI features mother-and-child pendants that are “less traditional and more trend-driven,” à la enamel, texturing, and personalization, according to Valerie Fletcher, vice president of design and product development. “Spring themes like butterflies and flowers are also popular as well as gifts for nontraditional moms,” she adds. “Fur babies count! Paws and other pet-theme jewelry sell well.”

For dads, the options have improved a great deal over the last several years. A demand for better men’s jewelry has paved the way for “clean, crisp, and classic” numbers, according to Fletcher.

       Royal Chain

“The trusty ‘Dad’ ring has been displaced by a plethora of unfussy, understated men’s jewelry,” she continues. Among them are dog tags or shield-shape pendants “with emblems or icons that have meaning for the wearer, or ID bracelets.”

She particularly loves multiple ID bracelets that can be engraved or personalized with kids’ names.

Bracelets for men are another popular choice at Phillip Gavriel, which unveiled curb chains with e-coatings and double paperclip links in sterling silver with 18k yellow gold accents. A sterling twisted cable bracelet is also new, as are two-tone sterling and karat gold styles which are “a great option for customers seeking a lower price point,” says Maroof.

Two-tone styles are also popular among Shefi Diamonds’ shoppers. Its Shefian Men’s Collection features looks, including rings, accented with various carat weights of diamonds. Rings for dads are a hit at Lali Jewels as well, and while Wilty’s Ethos men’s collection has some, too, its pendants and bracelets are most popular. Prime Art & Jewel unveiled the line at the 2023 JCK Las Vegas show, and retailer faves included chunky chain, black sapphires and statement pieces. “These are classics that will stand the test of time,” Wilty explains.

Shefi Diamonds

Two important reminders: don’t neglect to merchandise the inventory you already have on hand for sales and don’t forget to offer care and cleaning products as add-on sales.

With regard to the latter, suggest products that are made specifically for certain types of jewelry, encourages Heather Brown, vice president of content and editorial for The Kingswood Company. “For example, a gentle jewelry cleaning formula is perfect for pearls, while a jewelry cleaning wipe is ideal for a watch,” she says.

Perhaps the best insight for Mothers and Father’s Day sales is to zero in on the recipient’s taste rather than following trends exclusively.

“Gifts should be as personal as the individual,” explains Wilty. “Every item can be special when shopping for an individual.”


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