Understanding What Your Customer Really Wants: Platinum Answers Needs They Don’t Ask About!

The Plumb Club and Platinum Guild International USA Presented an Essential Retail Learning Webinar

The Plumb Club, in connection with Platinum Guild International USA, offered an essential learning opportunity for retailers. This webinar took place virtually in the Jewelers Resource Center on Tuesday, July 25th at 1pm Eastern, and provided retailers with knowledge and tools they need to elevate the positioning of their stores and satisfy customers with the product they really want! 

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There are a myriad of myths and misconceptions about platinum, but this valuable webinar will help retailers discover the truth! Retailers looking to grow their margin, increase sales and decrease customer issues, along with bench jewelers with technical questions, are encouraged to join this enlightening and informative session.

Kevin Reilly, senior vice president of Platinum Guild International USA, dispelled common myths about the metal and explained why consumers prefer platinum. Josh Helmich, CEO of Helmich Luxury Group (and platinum metallurgy expert), joined the discussion to help answer questions about platinum’s technical characteristics. Helmich also provided important insights about the “dos and don’ts” of platinum jewelry manufacturing that will help retailers ask the right questions when purchasing platinum products.

While some retailers may say their customers don’t ask for platinum, 7 out of 10 consumers desire platinum for their engagement rings and wedding bands! Platinum’s intrinsic characteristics ensure that their engagement ring diamond will be held securely and will stand the test of time beyond a lifetime of daily wear.  However, consumers may not be asking for platinum because it’s either not available or not called out in a retail showcase. Or they, like some retailers, may not be aware of all the unique benefits of platinum.

Attendees discovered:

  • Why the absence of platinum in a retailer’s showcase is the number one reason consumers don’t buy platinum, despite research showing that 7 out of 10 customers desire platinum.
  • How properly alloyed platinum increases durability and reduces customer issues, while improperly chosen alloys result in bent shanks and prongs, thereby, fueling the misconception of platinum softness.
  • How using the word “upsell” when guiding sales professionals should be rethought.
  • Why offering platinum can deliver a memorable customer experience and position the retailer as a leader in their market.



Kevin Reilly: Kevin Reilly is a jewelry industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in brand building, marketing, sales & customer relationship management.  In his role at Platinum Guild International USA, he is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with companies at all levels of the supply chain, formulating programs to help them build their platinum jewelry business.


Josh Helmich: Josh Helmich is a jewelry industry senior professional, a third-generation jewelry entrepreneur, visionary, and consultant. He has extensive expertise in strategical business development, manufacturing, and technology implementation within the global jewelry supply chain. Josh is a highly sought-after consultant working with Platinum Guild International on projects including manufacturing process technologies, sustainability, metallurgy, supply chain, traceability and social responsibility within the industry.

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