JCK Las Vegas 2024: Top Trends in Wedding Jewelry

The annual JCK Show never fails to excite and inspire, often offering new perspectives into the evolving world of wedding day jewelry. This year was no different, with a spotlight on personalization, unique stone shapes, and a mix of metal choices. Here’s a roundup of the trends to watch, as highlighted by industry experts at the show.


Personalization Takes Center Stage: Personalization remains the reigning theme in wedding jewelry. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to engagement rings anymore. Couples are increasingly seeking unique touches that tell their love story. Hidden birthstones, zodiac signs, and custom creations are all rising in popularity. Custom creations are also on the rise, as couples seek out to have meaningful one-of-a-kind rings to symbolize their love story.

Rising Popularity of Unique Stone Shapes: This year’s JCK show highlighted a growing trend towards less conventional stone shapes. Elongated center stones such as oval, pear, marquise, kite, and shield shapes are becoming more popular, signaling a shift from the traditional round and princess cuts. The halo design, once a dominant trend, also seems to be waning. Retailers have observed a notable decrease in the popularity of halo engagement rings, with more customers opting for solitaire styles.

Yellow vs. White: There’s a significant trend towards platinum in both engagement and wedding rings. Two-tone styles featuring platinum prongs are especially gaining traction, as platinum ensures the diamond takes center stage with maximum brilliance while securely holding it in place. In cities like New York, platinum is taking center stage, with a rising demand for these cooler, sophisticated tones.

Moreover, with gold prices reaching historic highs, platinum becomes an even more attractive option, offering greater value and timeless elegance.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: A Hot Topic: No conversation about wedding jewelry is complete without touching on the subject of lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds make up a growing portion of engagement ring sales. Severine Ferrari of Engagement 101 explained that consumers are often driven by the desire for larger stones at lower prices, making lab-grown diamonds an attractive option. Yet, Ferrari points out, retailers must educate consumers about the potential depreciation of lab-grown diamonds. Furthermore, retailers must take this into account when evaluating the current and future value of their diamond inventory. Amanda Gizzi from Jewelers of America hinted at a possible shift back to natural diamonds, suggesting, “The return to natural is right around the corner.”

The JCK Las Vegas 2024 show has once again set the stage for what’s next in the wedding jewelry industry. As personalization and unique stone shapes gain momentum, business owners and sales teams must stay attuned to these preferences. The enduring appeal of classic metals like platinum offers a stable foundation, while the growing interest in lab-grown diamonds presents both opportunities and challenges. For retailers, the focus should be on educating customers about the nuances of these trends, emphasizing the sentimental and design value of each piece.

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