Summer is the Perfect Time to Refresh Your Selling Skills

In advance of the holiday season, before the stores are filled with customers, summer’s respite provides an ideal time to brush up on selling skills and product knowledge, ensuring confidence and success come Q4.

Platinum Guild International USA has created a 7-part online training series that offers a quick refresh on key areas of focus for all sales associates.

The short videos, which are part of the Platinum Resource Center on and can also be viewed below, are easily accessible and can be completed within a single lunch hour.

Training topics include:

  1. Platinum’s History + Heritage – The history of platinum’s discovery, disappearance and reappearance as a precious metal
  2. Today’s Platinum Consumer – Learn how to be influential and supportive in the selling process to today’s consumer by better understanding what platinum customers want and how they shop
  3. She PREFERS Platinum – As over 75% of women say platinum is either their first choice or serious consideration, learn why she PREFERS platinum
  4. The ‘I Do’ Moment – Learn how to communicate platinum’s unique qualities and characteristics to clients, so they consider platinum for their engagement ring and wedding band purchases
  5. Ask the Experts – Leading sales professionals share why and how they sell platinum to their clients
  6. On the Sales Floor – As the expert, the consumer is looking to a sales associate for guidance during the engagement ring purchase and this module covers how to communicate the benefits of a platinum setting to your customer
  7. The 5th C: A Platinum Crown – Learn about the features and benefits of selling the 5th C: A Platinum Crown

Whether you are an expert or a novice, these brief training modules and their associated quizzes will ensure sales associates are the go-to platinum professionals in no time.

Beyond the online sales training modules, PGI USA’s SVP Kevin Reilly is available for virtual trainings for retailers and sales associates nationwide. If you are interested in arranging a training for your team, please contact Kevin at