The Plumb Club Announces Historic Attendance Increase for 2019 JCK Las Vegas

Englewood, NJ  – The Plumb Club announced they have completed analyzing attendance statistics for their brand-new pavilion at this year’s JCK Las Vegas Show. While an increase was expected, the results are truly record breaking.

Based on badge scans of attendees entering The Plumb Club Pavilion Café throughout the show, total retailer visits were up 46% year on year. “The numbers far surpassed what we had anticipated and are the best results in terms of percentage increases encountered since we began tracking this information 10 years ago”, noted Plumb Club President, Michael Lerche.

Total retailer visits were up 46% year on year.

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Interactive, engaging and easy to navigate, The Plumb Club Pavilion unveiled a new, exciting look as the 2019 JCK Las Vegas Show moved back to the Sands Expo & The Venetian after eight years. “The pavilion was like a think tank”, commented Pavilion Chairman, Victor Weinman. Beyond member booths, exhibits included a Retail Innovation & Education Center showcasing the latest technology; a ‘jewelry as art’ exhibition called “Glossy” by Ombré Gallery; and an actual planetarium taking retailers on a thrill ride through the universe, revealing insights into key jewelry trends based on research the organization recently conducted.

The Plumb Club Announces Historic Attendance Increase for 2019 JCK Las Vegas
Sharing Market Data and Research
The Plumb Club commissioned trend-forecasting agency, The Futurist, to source consumer data and information useful to the jewelry market, providing insights on trends, consumer behaviors, and in-store and online sales information for its member companies and their retail clients.

The Polar Star, Sun and constellations were identified as significant trending iconic motifs that resonate with consumers. The Plumb Club created a program by which its members expressed these themes through their own collections, collectively named “Radiant Universe”.

“The Plumb Club received feedback from retailers stating that there is a gap in the trade for aggregated, up-to-date consumer research that’s valuable to them” remarked Lawrence Hess, Executive Director. “We wanted to be able to help the retail jeweler by providing data and information they could use to grow their business, while also backing it up with product and marketing materials that supported it”.

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Education a Key Component
Continuing to build on its new tagline: Educate. Innovate. Connect., The Plumb Club once again featured its Annual Breakfast Symposium during the show, exclusively sponsored by the Diamond Producers Association.

The Plumb Club Announces Historic Attendance Increase for 2019 JCK Las Vegas
DPA’s presentation included their “Total Clarity” research report, Project Assure initiative and a new Self- Purchasing Women campaign.

The keynote was a presentation by Shep Hyken, one of the foremost authorities on the customer experience, entitled: Today’s Customer Experience – Satisfaction Guaranteed Is No Guarantee.

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