4 Essential Jewelry Trends That Should Be Considered
When Updating Your Merchandising Mix

The key to keeping customers continuing to visit you, both in-store and online, is to offer relatable and on-trend options that peak their interest. Here are four essential trends that should be kept in mind when selecting new merchandise for your product offerings:


Asymmetry Earrings

A growing trend becoming more readily available in the mainstream is mainly seen in earrings, as the contrast in shape and/or volume on either side of the face creates a visually arresting look. This is an exciting opportunity to change up merchandising, showcasing single earrings as an intentionally asymmetrical pair. On a broader level, as more brands begin to sell earrings as singles, consumers could replicate this trend on their own.

From Plumb Club Member:  Mastoloni Pearls

Mastoloni Pearl Earrings



Long Drop Earrings

A classic style makes even more of a statement than usual as the drop becomes longer and more voluminous. This bolder, larger take on the typical style signifies an overarching theme of this year’s trends: a departure from the delicate, dainty, and understated style that’s been vastly popular over the last few years. Consumers are now embracing bigger, bolder statement jewelry pieces.

From Plumb Club Member:  Imperial

Imperial Pearl Earrings



Bright Color/Enamel Earrings

Perhaps a response to the dull year we just survived, color is back in a MAJOR way. From bright gemstones, such as turquoise and coral, to hand-painted enamel, designers across the price point spectrum are incorporating color into their collections.

From Plumb Club Member: Color Merchants

Color Merchants Color Stone Ring



Statement Rings

A trend with some major staying power, statement rings continue to be highly popular across generations, from Gen Z to Boomers. Replacing the stacks of slim bands, hands are now being adorned with a single, large bauble — or even a combination of several oversized rings for the ultimate maximalist look. This is a gender-neutral trend, with rings being seen on the hands of men, women, and everyone in between.

From Plumb Club Member: Samuel B
Samuel B Statement Ring


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