Video Engagement Is High

Video is a format that is easy to digest, entertaining, engaging, versatile, and simple to share.

Video will account for more than 80 percent of Internet traffic by next year, with live video representing 13 percent, finds Cisco Systems. By 2022, the networking heavyweight expects nearly half of all devices and connections will be video capable. In fact, more than 80 percent of businesses use video for marketing.

Video is a format that is easy to digest, entertaining, engaging, versatile, and simple to share across platforms. No wonder the world reportedly consumes 1 billion hours of YouTube social video a day, reports the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), digital marketing media.

Video Engagement is High

“Search engines love videos because they see them as high-quality content, so using videos in various types of content, as well as on your main web pages, can work wonders for your SEO,” reports DMI, as long as the videos are optimized by incorporating the right keywords, solid meta description, and strong title. “Marketers like (video) because it can give a potentially huge return on investment through many channels.”

Up Close Look
With events like pop-ups, trunk shows, trade shows, shop-in-shops, and more postponed or cancelled due to COVID, videos are aptly suited to capitalize on this moment to get in front of your customers and engage, finds Laryssa Wirstluk, founder of Joy Joya Marketing.

“Many of my clients procrastinate on their video marketing strategies because they don’t have the money to invest in a production team and feel awkward about getting in front of the camera themselves,” she relates. But she sees no better time than now to practice being your own brand ambassador before the camera.

Videos excel at giving customers an up-close look at a products and services, staff members and your business overall. By using storytelling and unique types of media, jewelers can capture people’s attention while they’re entertaining.

In fact, 90 percent of consumers say that a video helps in their purchase decision, finds Social Media Today. It’s not about pitching product, but rather telling stories that inform, connect, and evoke emotions. Start small with Facebook and Instagram Live. Don’t be too concerned about production quality.

Instagram Stories and Snapchat are effective for offering consumers short, personal glimpses of what you’re engaged in. What’s cool about these videos is that they’re only up for 24-hours, creating more of a real-time feel. It also gives marketers the opportunity to develop focused, on time-sensitive promotions.

Video Engagement is High

Topics that Resonate
There are different styles of videos, with the two most popular dubbed the “explainer” and “interviewer”, cites DMI. Explainers educate people about product and can be used in conjunction with instructions, customer service, and other applications. Interviewers encourage conversation between participants, or showcase a special guest, the audio of which can be used as a podcast. Marketers also can work with influencers, who create their own reviews and product demonstrations for their own audience.

The ideal video length depends on the platform: Instagram 30 seconds, Twitter 45 seconds, Facebook 1 minute, YouTube 2 minutes.

Video Engagement is High

Videos hold a lot of potential for interaction, engagement, and shares for creative businesses. Brainstorm topics that would resonate with your customers: Walk through a how to or what not to do. Offer tips and tricks. Profile employees. Film a customer testimonial. Provide a behind the scenes look. Share the making of a product. Reveal a big announcement. Host an Ask the Expert.

With hand hygiene and cleanliness top of mind for everyone right now, it’s the ideal time for jewelers to engage customers with short videos explaining how to care for their jewelry between professional in-store cleanings, advocates Kristie Nicolosi, president and CEO of The Kingswood Company, manufacturer of private label jewelry cleaning products.

Show customers how to clean and care for popular jewelry types — from diamond engagement rings to pearls and other soft gemstones — featuring the jeweler’s own private label or trusted brand products. “Consumers are trained to buy specialty cleaners to clean specific things, from granite countertops and car tires to sneakers,” says Nicolosi. “Jewelers should recognize what consumers already believe and capitalize on it. Video is a great way to impart this message.”

Consumers look to social media platforms for inspiration, advice, and ideas, emphasizes Dana Cali, marketing and communications for the New York based pearl house, Mastoloni. “They’re looking for guidance as to what professionals in the field, aka jewelers and jewelry brands, deem the perfect gift or season must-have.” Take advantage of videos, image carousels, and Instagram Stories to show multiple angles of an item. Cali encourages jewelers to check with their vendors for artwork and content that they can use in their marketing initiatives.

Next to education and information, consumers look to videos for entertainment. Tapping into pop culture through its connection with the GRAMMYs and Latin GRAMMYs, the watch brand Bulova recently launched an Instagram short-form video series dubbed “Tune of Time” that profiles emerging musical artists. The videos explore how the musicians spend their time creating, performing and following their dreams.

Video Engagement is HighBulova also invited the featured artists to live stream music performances on its Instagram channel, and lunched “Tune of Time” Spotify playlists to accompany the initiative. In a statement about the campaign, the watch brand said it recognizes the power of music to lift and shape our spirits. “During this challenging time, Bulova invites fans to come together through the vehicle of music in hopes that it brings a glimmer of happiness, strength and connection.”