The Vegas Imperative

The JCK Las Vegas Show has become an important resource for U.S. jewelers to help them plan, both short and long term, for their business. A great market barometer, there are many reasons why jewelers cannot miss this show—from new product and technology to education and networking the face-to-face environment that JCK provides is imperative in our relationship driven industry.

Billed as the “industry’s gathering place”, the show presents over 2,400 vendors displaying all jewelry categories, tells Yancy Weinrich, senior vice president for the Reed Jewelry Group. Mark your calendars June 5 to 8, a new opening day and date pattern from Monday through Thursday at Mandalay Bay.

A lot has been written about why trade shows continue to thrive in our digital age, reinforcing the incentive to make the most of the event. In a Sept. 19, 2016 story, Tom Nastos, president of women’s fashion at UBM Americas, operator of apparel and accessories show Coterie, told WWD: “The need to gather and share information in a face-to-face forum, as well as touch and feel the product will always exist. The more we go digital as a society, the more events such as Coterie can take a road of activating all the senses that digital doesn’t yet touch.”

Nastos adds that while end consumers are able to order things sight unseen with the ability to return them to the wholesaler, wholesalers do not have the same luxury, so the opportunity to see, touch and make calculated choices is the way to ensure successful sell through and margins.

In a January 26, 2017 article in the Huffington Post, author Hervé Sedky notes that even digital and tech enthusiasts recognize the value of personal interaction, citing the biggest event in the industry the Consumer Technology Association’s Consumer Electronics Show. He adds that digital-savvy millennials crave face-to-face networking, and exhibitors and attendees should make the most of the experience. “This is where we are energized by each other to drive forward our business. Some companies plan their whole year around these events.”

As the retail climate continues to evolve, Weinrich says the environment at JCK Las Vegas is designed to strengthen relationships, encourage new business, and share market data and training opportunities that can help jewelers navigate the changing retail world.

Targeted Shopping
A destination in a destination, the Plumb Club Pavilion at JCK includes 45 vendors spanning all facets of the jewelry, diamond, and watch industries. A comfortable oasis, the Pavilion satisfies key categories from bridal and female self-purchase to menswear and the children/youth gift market.

The environment at The Plumb Club offers one-stop-shopping for retailers in the variety of vendors exhibiting, describes Maren Pfister, Merchandise Manager, Ostbye, Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Retailers can come to one area and find everything from classic everyday essentials to the latest trends.”

The benefit to shopping the Plumb Club Pavilion is in how it’s curated to include suppliers from all areas of the trade, with expertise in specific areas, tells Raj Mehta, director of Rosy Blue, New York City. “The Plumb Club organization manages well the pavilion, educational programming and after show services in Las Vegas,” he says. “It’s a show within a show and our clients appreciate that level of customer service.”

Known for its plush carpeting, open booths and refreshment lounge, the pavilion provides a comfortable environment to do business, cheers Allison Peck of Color Merchants, New York City. “The energy is positive and the setting allows jewelers to maximize their time. Whether you’re meeting with existing vendors in the group or exploring new ones, the pavilion is easy to navigate.”

Information Gathering
The Plumb Club also is known for hosting what has become a must-attend breakfast symposium headlining business experts like Steve Forbes, Jason Dorsey, and Daymond John.

On June 6 in the South Seas Ballroom, Mandalay Bay, The Plumb Club, in partnership with JCK, will host Charles Duhigg, Pulitzer-prize winning reporter for the New York Times, and author of “Smarter Faster Better” and “The Power of Habit”. He will speak on the science behind the sale and how to build the habits that can increase sales. Moreover, the Diamond Producers Association, exclusive sponsor for the Breakfast, will present its 4th quarter ‘Real is Rare’ campaign and how jewelers can tie in.

As exclusive sponsor, the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) will discuss the challenge of changing millennial perceptions about diamonds and how this requires a radically new approach to communication that cuts through the clutter. Chief Marketing Officer, Deborah Marquardt, will reveal how the “Real Is Rare” platform showcases diamonds as symbols of authentic connection and commitment, broadening the emotional territory for diamond moments and the opportunities for purchase.

The Plumb Club is the largest pavilion of its kind in North America, with its member companies accounting for a significant percentage of the domestic fine jewelry market, says Victor Weinman, president of Tache USA in New York City and member of The Plumb Club Executive Committee. He describes the pavilion as a vetted community of experts eager to inspire new ideas, share market insights, and offer business solutions.