Real Men Wear Watches in its recent “7 Reasons for Men to Wear a Watch” column proclaimed that “boys look at their smart phones to check the time, men look at a watch!” The column cites convenience, functionality, simplicity, stylishness, craftsmanship, design, heirloom-quality, and a respect for time among the reasons why watches remain a timeless timepiece for men.

The men’s style site hails a quality wristwatch a signature accessory for men that can communicate a lot about their personality. “They are a form of self-expression – reflecting a hint of danger, adventure and sports depending on the make of the watch.”

The column also points out that when you wear a watch – it’s less likely you’ll fall back on your phone as a distraction, sucked down the rabbit-trail of activities like checking every message app. Moreover, “a quick glance towards your wrist is a much classier way to keep tabs on time during a date or meeting.”

In fact, men’s style media — from to GQ — is nurturing the next generation of men to celebrate the “dope”, “badass”, James Bond timeless elegance of watches, advocating men of style never check their phone to tell time. Watch style is well represented in men’s magazines and blogs.

Sporty, High-Tech

Carol Besler, veteran watch and jewelry journalist and founder of the blog, cites sports watches making a comeback after several years of vintage styles dominating the trends. She sees a transition from vintage to sports watches that have a few more functions and sportier looks.

In fact, she says multi-function sports watches and state-of-the-art versions of innovative technology, including Citizen’s ECO-Drive and Satellite Wave technology got a lot of attention at this year’s international watch fair, Baselworld. “It’s groundbreaking technology and a great strength for the brand. High-tech and affordable, it’s perfect for the U.S. market. I think young people, in particular will find it interesting.”

Talked about from Baselworld is Citizen’s Eco-Drive Caliber 0100, the brand’s most precise light-powered watch in the world with annual accuracy of +/- 1 second. “Citizen’s technology, craftsmanship and philosophy of watchmaking, all crystallize into the Caliber 0100,” Susan Chandler, Chief Merchandising Officer, Citizen Watch America. “Through our limited edition series, design fuses with our passion for innovation and the case and dial details elegantly communicate the concept of ultra precision.”

Described by many watch bloggers as, “damn cool” at this year’s Baselworld is Bulova’s Computron LED. Hot from the experimental quartz ‘70s, it’s one of the brand’s most iconic and nostalgic pieces. But this time around, it has more modern design elements — now available in all gold-plated case and bracelet with a red LED display, a black IP version with a rubber strap, and a stainless steel model with a blue LED display.

“It’s very cool looking,” says Besler. “It kind of looks like a smart watch in the sense of the digital display. It will appeal to the Millennials.” Innovative for its time, this ‘70s style has modern appeal for men and women for its design and digital display. “It’s the anti-technology watch for today, hails Chandler for Bulova, a brand under the Citizen Watch Co.

Vintage Reissues

Vintage reissues have been one of the biggest trends in recent years. calls out among its Top 13 watches under $5,000, Bulova’s Joseph Bulova Collection. Besler notes that it straddles the fence between modern and vintage.

“We delve into our automatic roots with this new limited edition range,” Chandler describes. “All designs are inspired from our 1920-1940’s archive timepieces.” She also mentions new automatics integrated into the brand’s elegant Wilton Power Reserve and edgy Maquina collections.

Spied, too in’s Top 13 is the Citizen Eco-Drive ProMaster. “2019 marks a milestone and we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary of Promaster by introducing many exciting products,” says Chandler. “This anniversary brings several new limited edition models, as well as introductions in our Air and Land categories. A relaunch of our Navihawk series introduces a new navigational spirit, and we introduced a new Split Second Timer with strong sport colors.”

Chandler also notes that Citizen’s classic range received a strong infusion of exciting new design with the introduction of the brand’s Calendrier moon phase movement.