Pearls: Flapping in Color

This season, when it comes to super-trends, think ‘G’.  The Great Gatsby. The movie’s buzz already has the fashion industry alight. Recent catwalk shows in Milan, Paris and London were awash with Art-Deco inspired outfits. For the 2012/13 season – flapper is the by-word for the ultimate fashion-fix. Quite simply, this season, when it comes to ‘en vogue’ it’s all being ‘en G’. Gloves. Gold. Grays and Glamour.

The focus on the 1920’s look means pearls are stealing the spotlight in many collections – and not just simply white pearl chokers. Heavy pearl strands with an over-sized drop pendant and rows of hued pearls in grays, golds and pastel shades are some of the must-have items for the upcoming season. Collections featuring luxurious and opulent fabrics sprinkled with glitter were commanding the runways, as pearl pieces provided touches of sensibility in a sea of glamorous excess.

White pearls, while remaining perennial favorites, are being given a run for their money by pearls of gray, honey, pink and gold shades.

If the fancy is for white pearls, then this season it’s a long strand featuring a large drop pendant of either a large color pearl or a super-size color gem with a diamond pave frame. Metallic hued pearls, namely shades of gold and silver are also the ones to watch with double and triple strand chokers many with diamond encrusted clasps.

If pearls are the gems of the moment, and art-deco the style, then petals, buds and floral arrangements are the look to love. Leading designers are translating the ‘back to nature’ zeitgeist into far more tangible components than just nature inspired colors. Flowers, leaves and fauna are seen in rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches with color pearls the gem of choice and clover style pendants the starring design.

When Michelle Obama stepped out during a formal White House dinner wearing a multi-layer color pearl necklace of shimmering blue hues, the presidential seal of approval was officially bestowed on color pearls as a statement of state style. Color pearls have never been hotter – or should we say – cooler.

And talking of cool – with art-deco leading the way – then baroque is the foundation of the style tower. The misshapen forms of baroque pearls underscore the emphasis on individuality that is rocking every aspect of today’s culture. Gone is uniformity, instead it’s all about the organic flow that ruled the 20s and has come back to rock this decade.

Next week we look at the marketing, promotional and educational information that can help pique a consumer’s interest and ultimately close the sale.