Must-Have Styles for 2012 / 2013

This month we’re taking a look at not only the styles that are going to shape the 2012/13 season, but the stones, cuts, metals and settings that designers, manufacturers and the critics are predicting will be the stand-out stars for the jewelry consuming public over the next six months. From tips on how to sell the jewelry dream to ways to display an affordable fantasy, this month it’s a ‘must-have’ read.

Eastern Opulence

Last month, we noted that nature inspired designs, along with a ‘retro’ feel evocative of the Art-Deco era will be running amok throughout the display cases as we head into the season, but what about those styles that will be sneaking in towards the end of the season and ushering in Spring 2013? All eyes are looking eastwards as the Orient takes over the closets of the uber-chic. According to Swarovski Elements trend report, this is translated into ‘bright, bold, ethnic color combinations that express a need to be outstanding, lending folkloric flavor and vibrant festival hues to design’.

Glamour In Excess

Adding some Oriental flavor to designs also enables what was the politically incorrect desire for overstated glamour. What women really want (and this season it’s back in fashion) is to delve into a world of excess sumptuousness. The back to basic feel is great (in limited doses), but offer a woman an oversized glamorous ring or ornate cuff encrusted with gems and exotic detailing, and that simple elegant piece they may have been eying before is no longer quite as appealing.

Rising-sun red gems and jewels rich with embroidery design and oriental motifs will be some of the stand-out stars of 2013.

From The Garden To The Sea

While it’s all about how your garden grows this season with nature inspiring many lines, as 2013 creeps in, so does marine life themes. Shells, sea life, waves and all things nautical are going to be demanding their share of the style spotlight with new designs heavily influenced by marine motifs. The preppy seafaring look is the must-have style for spring 2013 – so get a head start and enhance the nature-themed displays with nods to 2013’s big trend – Under (and over) The Sea.

Wear It This Way

And when it comes to wearing jewelry – this year it’s not all about the ‘ears’ or the ‘wrist’ or any other appendage. Excess is in and that means the more the merrier. Fashion bible Vogue is asking the trend-conscious public ‘WHY wear one lovely piece when five look even lovelier? ‘A wealth of lavish layers is the season’s must-have style-sense. So layer on the jewels. Colorful. Bold. Exotic. Floral and large, large, large…. It’s the season of sumptuousness.

Store Style

Make sure you stay on top of the style stakes in all aspects of the retail process. It’s not enough to have the ‘must-have’ pieces in your merchandising mix, but how you display them and ultimately package them after the sale is just as important. Work with your packaging and display vendors to create boxes, bags and display cases that reflect the image you’re promoting. Glamour befits glamour. Opulence is the name of the game so make sure the jewel rests in a box that reflects its lavishness. The same applies to the presentation of the merchandise. Feature sumptuous displays in lighted frames hanging on walls. Reinforce motifs around your nautical themed or eastern themed collections with packing that underscores the dream you’re offering.

Next week, we review the stones, the settings and the cuts that’ll be filling up the display cases and dazzling in the windows over the coming months.