Must-Have Metals (and More)

Continuing our focus on the must-have pieces that will be pushing the trend charts into Spring 2013, this week we turn the spotlight onto the Must-Have Metals (and their challengers). From gold trends to platinum cut-outs, high-end silver pieces to velvet ribbons, we take a look at some of 2013’s Must-Have Metals and rising stars.

Budget-Friendly Statements

One of the major trends in metal settings is that of the ubiquitous mantra ‘bang for your buck’. Statement cuffs, ornate necklaces harkening back to the omnipresent Art-Deco era and a love of all things vintage are resulting in metals having a starring role in their own productions. But, like any big box-office celebrities, their paychecks are a significant percentage of the overall cost of the production. One of the ways designers are keeping the costs down while still producing styles that will wow the jewelry audience, is by incorporating negative spacing as an integral design element. Exquisite carved silver, gold and platinum cuffs featuring intricate detailing are able to provide the wow factor at a price-friendly ticket by using open areas as an architectural feature, thus lowering component cost.

Gold Trends

Gold is still abhorrently expensive, although there seems to be a respite to the metal’s decade long price ascent. According to many pundits, the price of gold is expected to peak by the end of 2012 or early 2013. But for the jewelry market, the impact of high prices together with a trend for statement gold pieces is making it a tightrope act between talking the talk and affording to walk the walk.

Many high-end designers were accessorizing their resort 2013 collection with large gold pieces. As mentioned above, architectural design elements were the major focal points of styles. Waves, twists, open spacing and worked surfaces all play a big part in many of the collections. If a statement piece is in gold – then gold is the star – not the precious stones (which were out of favor in most gold statement pieces).

Black-Eyed Silver

Silver is no longer considered a ‘fashion’ or ‘bridge’ jewelry component. Today silver is as part of the main stream fine jewelry market as gold and platinum. With high-end jewelers such as Tiffany rolling out their silver collections featuring gemstones such as Morganite and Kunzite, or unadorned silver cuff bangles starting at over $1,000, silver has truly claimed its place as the precious metal it has always been. Trend-wise, blackened silver pieces are leading the high-fashion style stakes providing a dash of cutting-edge chic to traditional designs, as well as a hint of the uber-fashionable ‘vintage’ feel.

Don’t Cut The Ribbon

One true vintage trend that is coming back into mainstream popularity is that of black velvet ribbons and black cord as a form of ‘chain’ for pendants and bracelets. High end designers such as Cartier and Dior have begun incorporating black ribbons and cords into collections. From diamond studded wrap bracelets to velvet chokers featuring cameos and precious gem pendants, ribbons and cords have just begun what is set to be a triumphant comeback to the jewelry screen.

Next week: Our top ten tips that’ll make your trend forecasting and seasonal predictions spot-on target.