Color Diamonds & Pearls: Marketing the Magic

Natural color diamonds and color pearls are some of the upcoming season’s predicted mega-sellers. With the emphasis on nature inspired themes, these jewels are perfect fits for the designs, demands and desires for treasures created by nature.

What Color Is An Affordable Aspiration?

As with many of nature’s gems, consumers are often in the dark when it comes to the understanding and awareness of these precious stones. Very few of the jewelry buying public think color when it comes to pearl jewelry and even fewer think color when it comes to diamond jewelry. But, this is changing thanks to nationwide marketing campaigns and record-breaking prices witnessed at auctions. These stones are now becoming some of the most aspirational jewels on the market.

Black, gray and brown diamonds, colors that are on the lower-end of the fancy color price scale are heavily featured and marketed in on-trend designs. Styles that are not only en vogue but extremely price friendly. The question for retailers is – are your customers aware that their jewelry aspirations are well within budget?

Golden baroque pearls encrusted with diamonds and glamorous silver or black Tahitian pearls are slated to be attention stealers in windows and display cases across the country as the seasonal count-down begins – but do your clients know that these scene stealers run the gauntlet of the price spectrum?

Romancing the season’s predicted mega-sellers has never been easier. Themed displays evoking the aura, mystery and pure beauty of these oceanic jewels are a vital component when it comes to selling the dream.

What Color Makes People Buy?

Themed displays and a store’s atmosphere go a long way to enticing consumers to consider a purchase they may not have thought of. Cool store colors like blue and green can be used as a color theme that not only compliments this season’s nature vibe – but also promotes a calming and relaxing environment. On the other hand – when it comes to catching the eye of a passerby – windows featuring vibrant styles such as black, reds, and yellows (a natural setting for the color pearl trend we discussed earlier) attract attention and pique desire.

Talking Your Way To A Sale

Once inside – make sure your consumers are aware of the affordability of these luxury gems. Use the marketing material so readily available and even have a promotional event/weekend/special that talks about the jewels as well as educating consumers and heightening their awareness of this on-trend category.

Make sure all sales associates are educated on the fundamentals of color diamonds and color pearls. This can be as simple as making sure they’ve read and studied the promotional literature you’re giving to clients, to working on a sales presentation that focuses on educating browsers and romancing the merchandise.

The NCDIA (Natural Color Diamond Association), funded by diamond houses and miners has launched several campaigns and competitions over recent years in an effort to bring awareness for natural color diamonds to the fore. Rio Tinto’s Silvermist campaign and, Champagne Diamond campaigns have also made some in-road into the domestic jewelry market in creating buzz for brown and gray diamonds (or should we say champagne and silver diamonds). But – more than this – they offer a wealth of promotional literature that is only a click or phone call away.

Next week: Our Top Ten Tips that’ll have your color diamond and color pearl pieces coloring up the tills.