A Very Visual Holiday

Jewelry is a visual industry, and there’s no better time to go all out with jaw-dropping jewelry visuals than holiday sales. Thankfully, many manufacturers are prepared to arm retail accounts with the high-quality imagery they need to close sales.


Professional photography of both product and lifestyle images are the DNA of sales, period, but these are especially important in the fourth quarter when everyone has gifting on the mind. This is why Shefi Diamonds encourages its accounts to select product images from its holiday catalog or their recent sales history and use them as the “foundation for creating marketing materials,” says Surbhi Jain, marketing director.

Good images are always in demand and are used in marketing of every type on many platforms. From social media posts to Duratrans and other assets and tools outlined previously in “Tools for Success,” good photography is the key to positioning jewels as must-have holiday gifts.

Nancy Italia-Gajera of Aneri Jewels knows this firsthand. Professional photography makes on- and offline point-of-sale materials easier for retailers to produce and help them “engage customers and provide them with essential details about our products.”

“The images often showcase our jewelry in a holiday context, helping retailers align their offerings with the festive season,” she continues. “[Aneri Jewels] prioritizes collaboration with retail partners to tailor our support to their specific needs and preferences. We also provide guidance on how to effectively integrate our visuals and messaging into their overall holiday marketing strategy.”

One of its most successful visual efforts is its “Gifts of Love and Timelessness” concept highlighting beautiful diamond jewelry.

Ostbye’s “12 Days of Christmas” campaign features 12 of the company’s best-selling designs, one positioned daily in ready-made social media posts that retailers can use as their own. The images (and accompanying calls to action) drive consumers into stores to shop.

Chatham routinely provides merchants with image files and graphic designs featuring them to any client who requests them. In fact, the company even shares a Dropbox folder of images with retailers—“All holiday content for them to use,” notes Monica McDaniel, vice president.

Meanwhile, jewelry maker Marathon encourages its clients to select product shots—and ready-made ads featuring them—from its website to use in promotions and consumer outreach. “Retailers can also talk to us if they want more,” insists Barbara Barry, sales associate.

                      Shefi Diamonds

Shefi Diamonds’ product shots can be paired with couples and/or holiday-inspired backdrops, both of which are used with success. Product shots are a more cost-effective promotional vehicle for brands, but there’s nothing like a good lifestyle imagery campaign featuring models to drive home the essence of a luxury life and all its trappings. Both types of images—still product and lifestyle or model shots—aim to resonate with customers seeking meaningful gifts for their loved ones during the holiday season. And not surprisingly, each brand aims to promote itself as the one to remember when it comes to love and the holidays.

“Gems are the true touchstones of life and one of the only real gifts to be handed down from generation to generation,” says McDaniel. “Jewelry is a story captured in that moment, a timeless gift that resonates with consumers and the emotional aspect of the sales.”