2013: What to Expect: Trends Ahead

This month we take a look forward at what to expect in the coming year. We examine where the price of gold, silver and diamonds are heading, the issues that are expected to hit the headlines in 2013, as well as upcoming mega trends and retailing revolutions.

Bigger Just Got Bigger
If there’s one thing we’d put money on – it’s the growing trend of big, bigger and even bigger. Oversize chokers, breastplate-style necklaces and stone-encrusted cuffs along with large gemstones and jaw-dropping earrings are expected to rule the showcases… with one important caveat – it’s all about the look for less.

What’s Your Setting?
As the prices of precious metals continue to hold strong and the aftermath of the elections take hold, designers will continue to look for innovative and creative ways to push down the cost of base materials. In an effort to negate gold’s soaring price, manufacturers will continue to look at techniques that produce the precious metal look at lower price points. Pieces featuring Gold Filled, Gold Plated, Vermeil and Gold Washed elements will become more predominate, with silver gaining greater acceptance as a ‘true’ precious metal.

Rhodium plating on metals other than platinum are also enjoying a surge in popularity as designers use the process to produce a rich look at a budget friendly price.

Another old stand-by that is set to take the stage is copper. Pieces featuring a mixture of silver and copper are being featured in more and more collections. The pull of the lower price point is making it a duo to keep your eye on.


Back To The Good Old Days
Nostalgia has never gone out of style and in 2013 expect to see a yearning for an era of faded elegance. Art-deco designs, featuring intricate detailing incorporating a lot of negative spacing are set to spring into the stores in early 2013.


Southwestern Sensibility
New onto the scene in 2013 is that of Southwestern inspired pieces. Bold silver settings, turquoise jewels, and bodacious feathers create expressions of individuality at attractive price points. Hammered effects, carved gemstones and contrasting textures blend into oversize chokers and statement necklaces making the Southwestern inspired motif an expected mega-seller in 2013.


Opaque Opulence
It’s not only turquoise that’s adding a dash of Southwestern charm to jewels, stones such as malachite, lapis lazuli, opal and onyx are crossing boundaries appearing in a range of design inspirations. Their strong looks, yet organic feel, make them natural stars in creating jewels that create a statement of individuality without breaking the bank

Next week we take a look at where the prices of gold, diamonds and gemstones are heading and what you can do to minimize the impact on your business.