2012/2013 Season: Must-Have Stones, Settings and Cuts

Last week we looked at the must-have styles for 2012/13, this week we turn our attention to the must-have ingredients for any great 2012/2013 jewelry recipe, the stones, the settings and the cuts.

Must-have Stones

The must-have stones for 2012/2013 are reflective of the must-have colors of the season, Blues, pinks and purples and silvery-blacks are the colors to bank on this winter.

All hues of blue stones are being used in pieces, from that staid go-to sapphire, to the magical play of light provided by a trichroic tanzanite. Opals with a hazy blue shade, along with pearls featuring a silvery blue tone are also gems that are featuring strongly in upcoming lines.

As far as the trend towards pinks and purples goes, it’s all about sophisticated romance aka the 1920s. Set in an Art-Deco styling, gems such as kunzite, morganite, spinel, rubellite and tourmaline provide a dash of distinctiveness to pieces that merge tradition and romance with a fashion-focused expression of individuality (at an affordable price).

When it comes to silvery blacks – anything goes. It’s 50 shades of gray set in stone. Gray moonstone, hematite and quartz are price-friendly gems that provide an almost mystical allure to designs. When it comes to the new black, which is, well, black. Black spinels, tourmalines, opals and even diamonds are the black gems bringing night back into the fold of jewels that are truly day to night. But above all these, it’s pearls that are stealing the style stakes for the most versatile of gems this season. Pastel pink pearls, shimmering grey or silvery black pearls, or even pearls with the faintest hint of gold, blue or purple, they span the price range and provide a distinctive touch of elegance to the most fashion forward of designs.

Must-Have Settings

Color gem center-stones with diamond frames and diamond rings with color gem accents. It’s mix and match but always with a dash of color. When it comes to diamond rings, it’s about having a halo. At the end of the day – the setting is all about providing an opulent look at a budget-friendly price.

Must-Have Cuts

One cut is an absolute stand-out star this season – Cabochon. Other styles that are still holding strong, especially with this season’s emphasis on organic and nature inspired designs, are ‘slices’ of rough gems. Slices of diamonds have been prevalent for a couple of years now, but this trend shows no signs of abating in the very near future, along with designs featuring rough diamonds. Add to this pieces featuring chunks of quartz, and you’re on form to tick off the must-have cuts (or not cuts) defining this season.

Next week – the metals, their alternates and what to look for in finding a star that will have your season sparkling into spring 2013.