Stocking Your Market

While JCK Las Vegas is weeks away, jewelry makers have been hard at work for months in preparation. Retailers’ options for new inventory will be abundant, from bridal to fashion and men’s collections; those interviewed for this article cite merchant and consumer interest in these directions as the driving force for manufacturing decisions.

To start, SHR Jewelry Group is capitalizing on the men’s jewelry phenomenon with a celebrity hook. Its new Marc Anthony/Bulova Jewelry Collection will feature watches and jewelry with “a shared cross-generational love of music, innovative design, and an artistic spirit that is bold at heart,” explains Scott H. Rauch, president and CEO. Expect edgy, free-spirited, and refined designs.


“The collection is a powerful symbol of self-expression and personal style embodying Marc’s bold confidence and taste for luxury,” he continues. “The line is in sterling silver, and retail prices range from $195–$1,295.”

At bridal jewelry house Novell Design Studio, show attendees can check out its new lightweight platinum wedding bands. “With the cost of platinum dropping, our men’s lightweight platinum designs are the better choice for a white metal,” explains Rick Mulholland, sales manager.

Novell will also unveil a new lab-grown diamond jewelry collection; retailers have been asking for one for upwards of a year. Styles will differ from what’s in the core (mined) diamond collections “so there’s no confusion over whether a popular style has lab-grown or natural stones,” adds Mulholland.

More bridal newness includes clusters and mine-to-market stone origins, among others.

Asian Star Group’s Erica Wadia reveals that her firm will unveil a “baby diamond bridal” cluster head that gives a look that is four times bigger than the carat weight. Rings with total diamond carat weights from 0.20–0.375 will be available in round and fancy shapes.

                      KP Sanghvi

“We understand the importance of providing fresh and appealing options for retailers who do not currently promote lab diamonds, and our diamond baby bridals are crafted with this in mind,” she says. “We are committed to ensuring that the cluster style remains popular and relevant by infusing it with new elements that add excitement and allure.”

KP Sanghvi will unveil a trend-inspired bridal collection with mine-to-market diamonds thanks to the company’s close work with De Beers and its Origin and Tracr platforms.

IDD Luxe will debut additions to its Moze Bridal collection, including three-stone and anniversary rings and eternity bands. The company is also beefing up its Skyset Lab Fashion line and adding family-inspired pieces, new link numbers, and more SKUs to its best-selling Flexie collection.

Asian Star’s fashion-forward jewels, meanwhile, will feature vintage-inspired pieces with Big Three gemstones and diamonds. “These will embody the allure of bygone eras while offering a contemporary twist,” she says.

KP Sanghvi’s fashion items include bracelets with unique clasps, metal colors, and two-stone styles that retail for $499 to $2,999. “We want these fun bracelet designs to inspire how each person defines their relationship,” notes Jennifer Dressing, senior vice president of merchandising and product development.

Beaded designs will also have a presence. Think karat gold diamond-cut and polished styles from Royal Chain Group and gemstone beads from Shefi Diamonds. Royal Chain is also bringing puffy electroform earrings and more chains—all designed to layer nicely. “They complement each other and come together in layered looks,” says Phillip Gabriel Maroof, vice president of marketing and design.

Shefi’s Surbhi Jain, marketing director, says enamel and more gemstones, such as bands in yellow gold and rubellite tourmaline, will also be in cases.

Royal Chain

The biggest colored gemstone offerings of all, however, will likely originate from Chatham, Inc. Three new collections of lab-grown gemstones will debut in Las Vegas, maintains Monica McDaniel, vice president. The first is Legacy, made in 18k gold with classic gems and diamonds, and it aims to appeal to an upscale clientele. A second, kaleidoscope-inspired, collection has fancy-shape lab-grown diamonds in sizes of 0.25 ct.–1.0 ct. with lab-grown colored gemstones. A third collection is an extension of its Color Fashion line, containing exclusive gem cuts like flame in the full spectrum of Chatham gem materials.

Finally, The Kingswood Company will offer a new Clean + Care® retail fixture program, giving store owners a more “sophisticated solution for displaying jewelry care products,” says Heather Brown, vice president of content and editorial. “Three unique models are available in varying footprints, aesthetic styles, and visual merchandising plans and are available to both private-label customers and those who offer the Clean + Care® product line,” she adds.