The Plumb Club’s September Podcasts Feature:
Paco Underhill and Sara Yood

New York – For the fall selling season, The Plumb Club is “calling in the big guns”, with two new exciting and informative podcasts: An interview on evolving consumer shopping habits with environmental psychologist Paco Underhill and a presentation on updated Russian sanctions by Sara Yood, Esq.

The educational Plumb Club monthly podcast postings for September have just been added to the learning library and are focused on helping a retailer both understand the younger, more-savvy customer, as well as make them aware of updated laws to help ensure that they are in compliance with new government restrictions. Retailers will get an in-depth understanding about why each is important to their business, along with strategies and tips.

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What Do They Want? The Evolving Consumer: Today’s consumer is younger, better educated and have a different set of experiences. Therefore, they have different expectations of a shopping experience. In a talk with Paco Underhill, author and environmental psychologist, listeners will gain insights into how their customer has changed. Tips are provided on what clues to watch for, how their desires can be met and what a retailer can do to lower purchase barriers. Paco Underhill and his company Envirosell have a global perspective on consumer shopping habits that has underpinned their work with over 1/3 of the Fortune 500 list. Additionally, Mr. Underhill has written a number of best-selling business books; such as “How We Eat”, “Call of The Mall”, “What Women Want” and “Why We Buy”, dedicated to the science of shopping.


Russian Sanctions Update, August 2022: As a result of the February 2022 invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, the US government issued sanctions against Russia and Russian owned companies. For the jewelry industry, this put an end to the supply of Russian diamonds being able to be sold in the US. Subsequently, as the Russian war on the Ukraine continues, the US government has been expanding sanctions to include other Russian produced goods, including gold. In this podcast , Sara Yood of JVC provides the listener with the sanction’s timeline, expanded updates to those sanctions, and information on how a retailer should handle sourcing concerns. Sara Yood, Esq. is the Deputy General Counsel at JVC with extensive experience in legal compliance. Sara’s responsibilities at JVC include anti-money laundering compliance, FTC Guides compliance, trademark litigation, copyright, advertising monitoring and review, creating legal compliance tools and publications, and advanced legal strategy.


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