TPC Launches Phase 2
of its Virtual Jewelry World

Member Showrooms are Immersive and Discoverable

New York – The Plumb Club is pleased to launch its virtual member showrooms, the second phase of TPC-365 (The Plumb Club, 365 days of the year). The immersive 3-D showrooms, which can be accessed from any computer, tablet, or smart-phone provide visitors with a member-branded, interactive experience and allows them to explore The Plumb Club companies, each member’s imagery, company history and unique products, as well as providing them the ability to request a meeting.

Members selected from a variety of showroom templates that they were able to customize with brand colors, images and products.  Upon entering, a visitor can choose to move about and explore the showroom at their leisure, viewing videos, clicking on images for a closer look, clicking on showcase hotspots to view products or a number of other discoverable hotspots to learn more about the company, see its advertising, social media or larger product presentation. In-person or virtual face to face meetings are only a request-click away. The TPC-365 logo, located at the top right, will bring visitors back to the directory for the ability to explore other showrooms.

“We are excited to be able to introduce the industry to the most innovative business-building tool seen in years,” said Michael Lerche, president of The Plumb Club. “As I’ve said before, virtual is the future of this industry and The Plumb Club is aiding the creation of connections between the retail community and our members in the virtual space today! When complete, this innovative and immersive platform will not only revolutionize the way we do business with each other, but it will become the hub of educational content and information sourcing as we roll out the next phase – the TPC-365 Resource Center.”

“TPC-365 has been in development for almost two years,” adds Lawrence Hess, executive director of The Plumb Club. “Systems were specifically created and tailored for our members and their client’s needs. The sales platform was created in a partnership with BOSS Logics, using their ‘together’ platform, while the member showrooms, and what will become the resource center, was developed in partnership with Punchmark and MediaLab, with all companies working together to link the individual workings seamlessly for an optimal user experience.”

The TPC-365 sales meeting platform was launched in September of 2020, with showrooms launched this past week and currently available for exploration at The fully immersive resource center is set to launch in Q3, 2021.

TPC Member Showrooms May be Viewed & Accessed at: