Resonating with the Consumer
is the Focus of Plumb Club’s July Podcasts

New York – Resonating with the consumer, whether that is via your brand promise, imagery and communications, or with services that allow customers to personalize their versions of what they wish to purchase, can help ensure brand recognition, drive product desire and lower barriers to purchase, resulting in increased sales. The educational Plumb Club monthly podcast postings for July have just been added to the learning library and are focused on helping a retailer strike the correct chord with the younger, more savvy customer. Retailers will get an in-depth understanding about why each is important to their business, along with strategies and tips.

Personalization & Customization of Engagement Rings: Today’s consumers want to be able to personalize experiences and purchases. Retailers and manufacturers are now catering to this new generation of shoppers by allowing them to modify and visualize their unique versions of their purchases – from clothing to sunglasses to furniture and wall treatments.  Narrated by Jeff Levitt, VP of Merchandise at Cynergy Trading Corp, this podcast discusses how the engagement ring shoppers’ expectations have evolved and what new tools are available to the jewelry industry to meet these new expectations.  Cynergy Trading Corp is the source for private label bridal and fashion diamond jewelry. They also have one of the largest just-in-time bridal manufacturing units in the industry.


Your Brand as Archetype: A question foremost in the minds of many retailers is, “How can I capture the eyes and hearts of today’s younger, savvy shopper?” Creating a brand that resonates with a specific target market and effectively communicating that brand’s promise can augment awareness and recall, help differentiate from competition, inspire consumer conversation and drive desire. Alex Williams, on behalf of Plumb Club Member IDD, New York, shares the theory of anchoring a brand in archetype and discusses how those associations are important in defining memorable brands. He takes the listener through 12 core archetypes, how they can be applied to foundational brand making and discusses how they can set a business apart from competition. IDD is a trusted supplier to thousands of retailers nationwide for jewelry programs, best-selling bridal, diamond basics and consumer finance programs, all fully supported by marketing assets.

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