Helping Retailers Sell More Wedding Bands &
Balance the Art of Carrying Multiple Brands

New York – The Plumb Club is pleased to introduce two new podcasts for May, which have been uploaded into their learning library. This month, the focus of the podcasts are two essential strategies that retailers can use to differentiate from competition, drive customers into their store, build repeat, long-lasting relationships and sell more product. Both podcasts, delivered by experts in their field, are available in the listening area of the Jewelers Resource Center along with an extensive library of other retailer dedicated topics.

Mastering the Brand Balancing Act: The jewelry brands that you carry can be a powerful way to reinforce your store brand, not compete with it. This podcast, sponsored by Quality Gold, gives tips on successfully balancing your own brand’s point of view with the positioning of the other brands you carry to create a memorable and exciting shopping experience.

Mastering the brand balancing act will help you stand out from the competition, increase sales and deepen customer trust and loyalty. Quality Gold is a worldwide company offering more than 165,000 jewelry and gift items in stock, available to ship same day and more than 150,000 special order items for purchase by retailers. The company continues to expand its extensive product line to offer the widest selection of quality products and services at competitive prices.

Break Six Rules to Sell More Bands: How do you add excitement to the men’s band category? By breaking all the unwritten rules that keep your band showcase boring and your sales disappointing. In this podcast, sponsored by Benchmark, we discuss the six rules of the men’s band category and how you can break them to make men’s bands a profit center in your store. You can attract a new generation of consumers who are less tied to tradition and more interested in personal expression.

Benchmark is a USA based manufacturer located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, founded in 1973. Benchmarks precision manufactures all precious metals and select boutique contemporary metals focusing on design, speed of delivery, ease of use and strong marketing support. Benchmark also uses recycled precious metals.


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