Consumers Look for Quality Pieces & Classic Styling
According to Research

New York –The Plumb Club Industry and Market Insights 2021, a jewelry study and consumer survey completed earlier this year, is providing retailers with a consumer ‘category and preferences’ roadmap that can help inform buying decisions during this year’s summer jewelry shows. Below are some of the consumer findings:

  • Quality in a piece of jewelry is ranked #1, while price ranked #4, with consumers when asked what is important to them when purchasing new jewelry. 31% chose quality, 23% said design and 17% wanted uniqueness of the piece. Price came in with 16% and brand at 8%.
  • Classic design elements are preferred by 36% of consumers, while vintage and light/minimalist designs tied for consumer preference, each at 17%. 15% preferred design elements that were fashionable & Avant-Garde and 8% wanted organic, floral & fauna.
  • When it comes to a consumer’s choice on most important product categories, 32% said rings were most important, 23% prefer earrings, 19% necklaces, 7% bracelets, 5% chains and links and 5% pendants and charms.
  • For self-purchase preferences, 60% of consumers state that they seek out jewelry that has their birthstone in the design and when it comes special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, 74% of consumers like to pick jewelry that has specific messaging to match the occasion.
  • 74% of consumers are interested in non-traditional jewelry materials. Colored gold and titanium are most preferred and 59% would consider, or have already purchased “smart” jewelry.
  • For jewelry worn as talismans or jewelry with specific meanings the top choices, in order, are love messages, coins and medallions, zodiacs and religious symbols.
  • Preferences vary greatly depending upon whether jewelry is a personal purchase or if it is being given as a gift. For pieces that contain love messages, 30% of consumers prefer to give this style as a gift, as opposed to 20% who would want that style in general. The disparity is closer for coins and medallions with 18% saying they like the category and 14% who would pick that style as a gift. For zodiacs 17% prefer the style in general and 14% say they would choose to gift a zodiac piece. When it comes to religious symbols, 15% say they would be a personal preference and 11% saying they would choose them as gifts.
  • When choosing an organic design motif, a piece with an organic texture overwhelmingly takes first place with 51% of the vote. Floral motifs come in second with 36% and animal motifs at 13%.

These findings were part of an expansive multi-focused study initiated by The Plumb Club, a coalition of 45 best-in-class suppliers to the jewelry and watch industry. The study was conducted in the first half of 2021 with a sampling of 1,049 men and women from ages 25-60 with a focus on 10 test markets across the US. It was done with the help of Paola Deluca, The Futurist, and survey firm, Qualtrics.

Additional information from this expansive research will be shared at the JCK Show in Las Vegas.

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