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Chiara Earrings

January 21, 2021 (New York, NY) —Brighter days are just ahead, with Spring beckoning from the wings in just a couple of months. Celebrate the season of renewal with a fresh new perspective – and a wardrobe refresh to match! Spring’s lighter, more playful styles call for jewelry to echo that buoyant yet sleek mood. MASTOLONI offers a stylish solution with a stunning collection of gold wire and white cultured freshwater pearl hoop and drop earrings. Exuding a chic, cool mood touched by hits of whimsy, fluid swoops of buttery gold wire form the perfect backdrop to spotlight the lustrous beauty of posh, round white Freshwater Pearls. A Spring awakening, indeed!

Fun, fabulous and sure to be a favorite, this sleek design of MASTOLONI’s Marquis Hoop Earrings mimics the beauty of a classic hoop, but with an abstract, oval appeal. One plump, 9.5 – 10 MM cultured white freshwater pearl floats front and center of a gleaming 14kt yellow gold wire. MSRP:  $225.00 (SKU: G20013E)

A glowing 8-8.5 MM cultured white freshwater pearl punctuates the chic simplicity of the exquisite Linear Wire Drop Earring by MASTOLONI, ending a sleek oval swoop of 14kt yellow gold with one lustrous pearl. MSRP $320.00 (SKU: G20014E)

Exuding pure ‘joie de vivre,” MASTOLONI’s Scroll Wire Hoop Earrings practically dances with joy upon the ear of its lucky owner. Swooping gracefully into an elongated open oval, the shimmering 14kt yellow gold wire ‘scroll’ captures a luminous 7-7.5 MM cultured white freshwater pearl in mid design. MSRP $275.00 (SKU: G20012E)

MASTOLONI’s Marquis Scroll Earrings channel the elegant profile of a Marquis cut diamond, curving gracefully in a fluid swath of glowing 14kt gold, ending the elongated, scrolled hoop with a delicate 5-5.5 MM cultured white freshwater pearl.   MSRP $185.00 (SKU: G20016E)

 About Mastoloni

Over the past 80 years and three generations, Mastoloni Pearls has become the leading purveyor of the finest cultured pearls and pearl jewelry treasures in North America; revered for quality, meticulous design and craftsmanship. Celebrated for its heritage, beauty, quality and timeless elegance, Mastoloni Pearls is trusted and respected worldwide for their exquisite Akoya and freshwater cultured pearls as well as their exotic South Sea and Tahitian pearl jewelry creations.  www.mastoloni.com