Marathon Company Press Release–May 2024

The Marathon Company is a privately held, third-generation family business founded in 1897. The company serves independent jewelers and large jewelry store chains. Marathon is the leading manufacturer of children’s jewelry in the U.S.A. The brands Kiddie Kraft and LeStage are well-known and trusted in the marketplace. Marathon also manufactures fine Sterling Silver baby gifts such as cups, spoons, and rattles. Products are made from Sterling Silver, Gold-Filled, 10K, 14K, and 18K gold.

The company has a reputation for superior service, quality, selection, and marketing aids for all its items. Its factory is in Massachusetts, U.S.A. All products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Marathon is a member of The Plumb Club; an organization of suppliers whose purpose is to connect its members and their customers and help shape the future of the jewelry industry.  The Plumb Club is a responsible supply side organization recognized for leadership, adding value, and positively impacting the jewelry industry.

Marathon‚Äôs Repair Department recently received a 71-year-old unique Kiddie Kraft children‚Äôs bracelet from a woman named Elaine.¬† The bracelet, adorned with the Marathon trademark, was a discontinued style, making it a rare find. Despite no longer producing this bracelet, the factory honored the lifetime warranty by repairing it with custom-fabricated parts, showcasing Marathon’s commitment to preserving unique pieces and honoring its commitment to customers.

The bracelet was given to Elaine as a gift when she was born in 1953.  Elaine remembers her mother keeping the bracelet even though it was broken, and Elaine does not remember what happened to the bracelet to be in the condition it is in.  She kept it in a drawer for many years.  When her first daughter was born 44 years ago, she brought the bracelet to a jeweler but was told it could not be repaired.  There was no way to do much research back then.  Back in the drawer it went.  When they were very young, Elaine’s two daughters and two teen granddaughters were gifted their own Kiddie Kraft bracelets (and other jewelry pieces).  Elaine did not think about her bracelet again until recently when she was trying to purge her house of excess belongings.  Elaine thought she would do a little internet investigation for fun, and that is when she found Marathon.  Elaine never thought anything would come of it and expected she would be discarding the bracelet.

Marathon’s skilled employees repaired the bracelet for Elaine. Marathon is committed to manufacturing in the USA and its customers. Marathon jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation and is appreciated by people of all ages.

Elaine wrote to us:  “Now, I think it will be an interesting story to tell my great-granddaughter if I am fortunate enough to have one someday and she gets to wear such a vintage piece of jewelry.  How touching it would be for her to wear my bracelet.

As an aside and not actually about the bracelet…for many years I tried to recognize the value of U.S. manufacturing.  My dad was in the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America union.  I tried very hard to buy him clothing gifts of items made in the U.S.  It became increasingly difficult to do so in his lifetime and now it is almost impossible to find clothing made here.  Additionally, my husband and I have only purchased cars made by U.S manufacturers.  However, those automobiles are now a conglomerate of countries.  I recognize, and appreciate, your commitment to U.S. manufacturing.

This bracelet does not have significant monetary value and could have been easily tossed aside by your company.¬† I would not have given it another thought.¬† Not many companies would have done what you did. Thank you again for all your help and kindness! I never expected it to look so good. ¬†The excellent craftsmanship is greatly appreciated. It is a treasured heirloom for sure.‚ÄĚ