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The Plumb Club’s May Educational Podcasts are Published 

New York – The Plumb Club’s May podcasts, from jewelry industry experts, focus on how today’s technology can help retailers generate leads and make sales. From capturing new clients via social media, to rethinking how a website is viewed, to creating product newness in-case, to having the ability to “say yes” to a consumer’s special design requests, the technologies available can help them grow sales. Each podcast discusses various innovations and provides new thinking and effective tactics to help turn a prospect into a customer.

Jewelry Technology – Benefiting from the Tools of the Trade: The jewelry industry has been around for centuries, but the tools used to produce fine pieces have changed and evolved. Jeff Weinman talks about some of the most important technical advances in jewelry design and manufacturing, dispelling the myth that these modern technologies take away from individuality and craftsmanship and, in fact, provide the designer greater ability to refine, customize and make pieces with even more precision. He showcases how technology increases newness in a retailer’s case and provides them the ability to “say yes” to a consumer’s desire in order to gain the sale.  Jeff Weinman is senior vice president of ODI/Original Designs, a company celebrating 60 years as a trusted source for diamond, bridal and fashion jewelry.

The Innovation Report: This podcast helps bring simple clarity to everything innovative. As a retailer, there are many challenges to face and regularly upgrading technologies can make a digital strategy complicated and expensive. Sean McCormick and Sarah Siegel provide suggestions on creating a plan and measuring metrics. They suggest rethinking the way you view your website and utilizing it as more than just a billboard, but as a digital salesperson – setting goals and reevaluating every six-months in order to get the best ROI. They discuss the various social media platforms available and how best to capture new customers via social media by connecting with them on an intimate level. Sean McCormick is the director of social media and Sarah Siegel is the photographer for Novell Global, a division of Continental, a one stop company dedicated to design, manufacture, and export of fine jewelry products.

Podcasts are added monthly. For access to the newest Plumb Club podcasts, as well as previous ones, please click here.

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