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Plumb Club Gala Evening: Michael Jackson ONE

Gala 1Plumb Club Party-goers were treated to a sumptuous cocktail hour and buffet while listening to the musical stylings of Shaun DeGraff who had the audience clapping and singing along to his “jazzed” versions of yesterday’s and today’s top hits.

As dessert was served,  a seemingly overly indulgent guest stumbled up onto the stage demanding that the band play some Michael Jackson songs to warm up the group for the evening’s upcoming entertainment.  Within a few moments, it was obvious that this young lady was not a guest,  but part of the act as she and members of the band started to move and grove in an obviously choreographed dance performance.

gala 2However, mid song, Mr. DeGraff declared that he couldn’t do Michael Jackson justice and switched songs.  All of a sudden one of the waiters slammed down his water pitcher and started to dance in the middle of the ballroom accompanied by the woman from the stage.  Then one of the bartenders pulled off his tie and joined them.  20 or 30 seconds later, what appeared to be guests sitting at a table also jumped up and joined the group dancing away in between the dessert stations. Little by little more dancers joined the group and by the time the music ended,  there was a full blown flash mob of over 30 dancers performing with all of the guests clapping, singing and dancing along.

gala 3After about 5 minutes the dancers declared that it was “time to go” and escorted the Plumb Club members and their guests through the casino to the Michael Jackson theater for an Exclusive sold out Plumb Club Performance of Cirque Du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson ONE”

Touted by the Las Vegas Sun’s Robin Leach and others as “Cirque Du Soleil’s best”, the audience was riveted by the “nonstop action throughout the theater, in the ceiling and in the aisles alongside the audience, as well as on the stage and sidewalls”. Towards the end of the performance a hologram of Michael Jackson himself was featured that had you almost believing that he was there.

From start to finish,  it was truly a spectacular evening.

To see pictures of the event that members and guests proclaimed to be one of Plumb club’s best, check out the photo gallery listed below.