The Plumb Club Votes to Require All Members to become Responsible Jewellery Council Members Click here for more about this historic announcement

Richline Group

Richline Group


Richline Responsible is a corporate initiative that focuses on our company’s efforts to promote responsible and mindful business practices within our own RG footprint and the greater industry. At Richline, we are committed to the journey towards innovative products with optimal total value to the consumer…. while advancing better business practices, treating people fairly and making sure we are kind to our planet.

Our vision is the creation of new, value-first products and services for our customers while, increasingly mindful of our global footprint, creating a responsible, worldwide supply chain that promotes trust in our company and such products, as well as the global fine jewelry industry.

Trust Chain
Richline Group

Consumers care deeply about the quality and source of the jewelry they purchase. This is evidenced by the fact that 66% of consumers globally are willing to spend more to support sustainable brands. TrustChain is an example of how blockchain is transforming industries through transparency and viable new business models that specifically benefit the consumer.”

The TrustChain Initiative seeks to track and authenticate diamonds and precious metals through every stage of the supply chain as it becomes a piece of finished jewelry. It provides digital verification, physical product and process verification, and third-party oversight. The collaboration’s goal is to instill trust in the origin and ethical sourcing of jewelry by bringing together a community of responsible and ethical organizations across the complex and multi-tiered jewelry supply chain.

The importance of Trustability of our industry will require Transparency, which requires Tracked, Truthful and Transparent consumer information. We believe Trustchain will be catalyst for satisfying this need. TrustChain establishes a trusted product with documented provenance and brings together quality assurance, social and environmental responsibility, and authenticity spanning the entire jewelry ecosystem – from miners, manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and retailers – on a single digital platform.”

Products, “verified by TrustChain”, will be available Spring 2019.

Responsible Gold
Richline Group

With vertical integration, comes both great responsibility and great opportunity. Our founding companies were, first and foremost, gold manufacturers and marketers. We are in the position to design and guide our supply chain and partner with suppliers who share our values. Responsible Gold has been a primary focus since our first chain of custody program in 2006.

Now, as members of Responsible Jewelry Council and with the catalyst of Dodd Frank legislation, we have established a clear, consistent, conflict-free supply chain for all our gold products and across all our divisions.

We have demonstrated that PROVENANCE is achievable.

Consumers want to know the origin of our products and want to feel good about them. Gold has been one of the most ethically-challenged products but Richline, for over a decade, has documented a history of transfer across our entire gold supply chain that includes LBMA Good Delivery, OECD and RMI compliance.