Top Ten Tips: Color Diamonds & Color Pearls

Color diamonds and color pearls are slated to be the mega sellers of the 2012/13 season – this month Top Ten Tips look at ways to make sure your color treasures are not only coloring up the shelves and display cases – but adding some very ‘on-trend’ green to the tills.

1). Become One Of The Lucky Few: Not many consumers are aware that they can afford a color diamond piece. Most of the public view color diamonds as the multi-million dollar pieces making the headlines at auctions in Christies or Sotheby’s. Do your customers know that they can afford a color diamond set jewel? It may not be an intense pink or a one carat blue – but champagne, grey and even black diamonds are affordable, on trend and cost-conscious.

2). A Colorful Promotion: Use your email lists, walk-ins, local media, social media and surrounding events to promote the accessible luxury that color diamonds and color pearls offer. Email clients with an exclusive catalogue / selection of pieces. Host an in-store color diamond/pearl event that not only promotes the product, but might feature an educational component as well. Having an a color diamond and/or pearl expert at the event will not only promote the rarity and beauty of these special gems, but will also create a comfort level for the consumer to make a purchase.

3). Naturally Stunning: This season – a strong emphasis on nature is ensuring flora and fauna is an inspiration in many collections. Make sure this trend isn’t confined solely to the display cases. If you have a collection of pieces featuring the top trend, highlight the beauty with flower displays around your store and highlight showcases with layouts featuring outside elements such as bamboo, wood, grass and mini bonsai trees etc. A visual investment can pay back great dividends to the bottom-line.

4). Pitch Perfect: Involve your staff in developing a strong, educational presentation. Make sure every member of the sales team is well-versed in the rarity, elements, trend-inspiration and sourcing of the color diamond and color pearl collections you carry. If they’re Tahitian pearls – make sure they’re marketed as such and that your associates have the knowledge to talk about the. Champagne diamonds from Australia? Tell the story. If you want to sell the consumer the aspiration – make sure your team is fully engaged in the dream they’re presenting.

5). Celebrity Style: The rich, famous and red-carpet friendly love a jewel that stands out. From Michelle Obama’s blue-hued multi-pearl necklace at an official state dinner to Oscar-winning celebs gushing about their champagne diamond bracelets, keep-up-to-date on the ‘seen in’ and ‘seen on’ scene so your customers know that what they’re buying is worn and lusted over by the most beautiful and powerful in the country. Kitschy? Maybe. But there’s no question that it helps sells the style.

6). Books and Brochures: Tiffany may have designed the stunning jewels featured in the upcoming star-heavy production of the Great Gatsby, but that doesn’t mean you can’t follow this bling bandwagon. Art-deco pieces featuring pearls are expected to be huge sellers and will be featured throughout the pre-movie promotional blitz tour on posters, TV showings and red-carpet events throughout the country. Categorize your art-deco styles in a layout reminiscent of a 20s salon, feature Art-deco review books along with books detailing the creation and production of South Sea pearls. Have some books showing fancy color diamonds with art-deco inspiration. The point is: get the consumer in the mood the minute they walk into the relevant area.

7). Use Your Support System: Speak to your vendors and organizations that promote color diamonds and pearls and find out what material, promotional assets or even training and co-op events they can provide to increase the buzz and educate your team and your customers. When it comes to selling the color dream – you’re not dreaming alone.

8). Entice And Understand: Consumers tend to veer to the tried and tested. No, they say, I wouldn’t wear a color diamond or color pearl. Find out why. Sometimes because they’ve never bought a particular style – they assume they don’t want to. If a regular consumer immediately dismisses one of the hottest trends of the year, find out why and maybe use an individual special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary to offer an exclusive discount in a category of jewelry they haven’t yet purchased – such as color diamonds and pearls.

9). Stream In Style: With such an emphasis on art-deco and nature – take advantage of the plethora of movies that are situated in these trends. Use an Ipad on the counter to stream old adaptations of the Great Gatsby or other movies centered on the art-deco era. Use a digital picture frame to feature stills from the silent movies that highlight the jewels of the period. A picture paints a thousand words and a movie a million. Show your clients from the timelessness and elegance of today’s trends from every angle.

10). Wear Them Yourselves: What ‘uniform’ does your sales teams wear? If you’re highlighting the colors of the champagnes, grays, golds, pinks and metallic hues of diamonds and pearls, make sure the sales teams outfits provide the right backdrop to highlight the hues and show off the stunning colors of these gorgeous gems. Does your store have a policy that allows your sales team to wear items that are being featured?