It’s Show Time! 6 Reasons to Swing by The Plumb Club Pavilion

We always look forward to welcoming our retailers to the TPC Pavilion in Las Vegas (June 1-5), but this year is unique because we have something special planned: The big reveal of our comprehensive The Plumb Club Industry & Market Insights 2023 market research and consumer survey report in its entirety. We’re excited to share the results of our months-long study so that you can use the data and insights to your advantage as you shop the show and make decisions for your fall/holiday lineup.

“We’re planning a formal presentation of the research document on Sunday June 4th, at 11 a.m. on the JCK Main Stage, which touches on everything from consumer attitudes about lab-grown diamonds to metal preferences,” says TPC’s Director of Marketing, Michael O’Connor. “After the presentation we will be inviting retailers back to The Plumb Club Pavilion to meet our members, from whom they can request a copy of the research document. We believe the report’s findings will be vital tool in the development—and success—of your retail strategy for the rest of the year.”

So that’s reason #1, but our TPC Members have a few more reasons for you ahead…


Read All About It at Chatham
Hot off the presses, Tom Chatham, chairman, will be selling a signed copy of his newly published book The Chatham Legacy, An American Story. “This is a must-read for retailers, manufacturers, gemological professors, jewelry designers, and all other industry professionals who want to gain a real understanding of how the lab-grown category came to be,” says Monica McDaniel, Chatham VP of marketing. “It tells the story of Tom’s father, Carroll Chatham, and the many challenges they had to face to become recognized as a legitimate category in the jewelry sector. Tom takes the reader through a remarkable journey of innovation while highlighting the tenacity of a father and son duo chasing the American Dream.”


  SDC Designs

Gorgeous Marketing Assets at SDC Designs
“We’re offering fully customizable omnichannel holiday fashion campaigns and an innovative bridal campaign,” says company president Parag Desai. “This marketing support is designed to lead to more regional visibility, more new customers, and more sales.”

Grab and Go at Wilkerson Express
Our booth in The Plumb Club is a playground for jewelry buyers and jewelry lovers,” says Russ Whitehouse, director of operations. “Every piece of jewelry is live, what you choose we put aside and it goes in your ‘pick.’ Buyers who are pressed for time tell us what price ranges they are looking to fill and we can present that price range. Coming early presents the opportunity to see spectacular jewelry that we might only have one or two pieces of available.”

KP Sanghvi

Newness at KP Sanghvi
KP Sanghvi has designed a new collection of trend-driven, aspirational, and attainable fashion jewelry that caters to the smart, sophisticated shopper visiting your stores make up this beautiful collection,” says Jennifer Dressing, the company’s senior VP of merchandising and product development.

Free Gift at The Kingswood Company
For the first time ever, The Kingswood Company is inviting visitors to JCK to stop by their booth in The Plumb Club for a free product sample of their popular Sparkle + Shine® Stick,” says president and CEO Kristie Nicolosi. “This fantastic jewelry cleaning product is perfect for travelers, offering two times the formula of competitors, but still housed in a compact, TSA-friendly design. It’s ideal for polishing up your jewelry for the show, then tucking in your luggage for your trip home. In addition, visitors to the booth can enjoy 10 percent off their first order of Clean + Care products.”