It’s Restock O’ Clock! The Holiday Season’s Best-Sellers

Holiday 2022 may seem world’s away from what you’re focused on at the moment.

To find out what the season looked like for your fellow jewelers, we’ll refer you to an article in InStore (“Jewelers Describe Their Holiday 2022 Selling Season) for some hot takes (e.g., “Men were hemming and hawing over their purchases and definitely not spending like they did the past two years,” said one retailer in Illinois). Sound familiar?

No matter what kind of holiday season you had, surely there were some products that brought the heat. Now’s a great time to identify what they were and analyze what factors might have contributed to their success.

Your suppliers should be happy to share with you the single product or products that performed well overall during the holidays. This information, coupled with your own sales data, can help you make strategic decisions about merchandise as you prep and plan for the year’s trade shows. It can also help you decide what to promote in your marketing emails or on social media in anticipation of other gift-giving occasions like Mother’s Day and graduations.

Ahead, a few TPC members reveal the “most valuable players” of Holiday 2022.

Frederick Goldman


“The top performing Triton style this holiday season was a black sapphire eternity band featuring a rich espresso color on our patented Tungsten CarbideTC.850. One customer reported that it was the ‘perfect ring’ for her husband because ‘he doesn’t like gold…and gets compliments daily.’ It’s a distinctive look for any man with a daring soul and refined sense of style.” —Lauren Calmas general manager, SVP Sales and Marketing, Frederick Goldman


      H.K. Designs

“2022 proved without doubt to be the year that lab-grown diamonds became mainstream. This holds true for both the independents and the majors.  In particular, a new megatrend manifested during Holiday 2022: Monster Diamond Studs! Lab-grown diamonds have brought 2-6 cts. t.w. studs into accessible price points for moderately affluent female consumers, who, when given the choice between a fifth Louis Vuitton bag or large studs like their friends are now wearing, will be heading for the ear candy.” —Jeffrey Cohen, president and George Prout, president, independent division, Craft Lab Grown Diamonds, a subsidiary of H.K. Designs


Chic Pistachio

“We saw a continued interest in our classic 14k gold necklaces with heart  or linked circle designs: Our Helen necklace, Jane open-heart necklace, and Truffle pink opal mushroom charm, were the top three. We also saw an uptick in charms and pendants, especially diamond initials, birthstones, and quirky designs as interest in customization continues to gain momentum as well. These all speak to the importance of jewelry purchasing becoming more experiential, meaningful, and customizable.” —Katherine Whitacre, national sales director for Aurelie Gi, a subsidiary of Chic Pistachio



“When we reviewed all of our designs for last year, it was clear that what sold the most were the understated classic, meaningful, and multi-use designs. Our overall #1 best seller was our 0.5 ct. t.w. diamond channel-set anniversary band. There are several reasons why this item has sold so much during the holidays: It is a traditional 14k diamond band that spans all generations;  it can be received as a gift for the holidays, anniversary, a wedding band, or as part of a stacking band series; it is made in the USA, which many people want; it’s a great price for the carat weight; and it’s part of a program, making it easy to replenish for retailers.

Runners up were our Christmas Cross; the Enhanceables collection infinity with heart pendant; the classic reversable diamond huggie earring (one side yellow, one side white); and our Shimmering diamond collection doorbuster earring and pendant set. The common denominator is that these are all timeless classics that fit well with all types of fashion collections. Everyone needs the classics!” —Theresa Namie, merchandise manager, Ostbye