Bold Gold Jewelry & Sleek Silver Styles

Among Top Trends for Fall-Winter
Layered jewelry looks that adorned the fashion runways pointed to several themes from flapper-era elegance to rebellious plays on punk and fresh takes on Y2K fashion.

The Zoe Report (TZR) cites Deco-inspired gold jewelry featuring cameos, filigree, and coins as standouts on the runways, and layered pearls and gold chain covey a modern roaring 2020s feel. TZR also mentions sculptural earrings, chunky cuff bracelets, tubular collars, and big cocktail and multi-finger rings in gold for fall.

The lifestyle portal also cites silver jewelry’s prominence on the fashion runways, describing the trend in silver jewelry as versatile, elegant and easy to style with existing pieces. Among the timeless classic styles — like stud earrings, stackable bands and bangles, and charm jewelry — there are bolder, more playful designs.

It’s not just women, but men as well who have been enjoying jewelry. Vogue magazine hailed men’s 2022 runways as showing more jewelry accessorizing men than has been seen ever before on the catwalks! Vogue calls out chain link necklaces, with and without pendants/medallions/charms; and hoop earrings among the jewelry styles spied on the men’s catwalks.

Midas Touch
The big gold jewelry trend has been growing for a while, reports Lauren Strapagiel, trends tracker for Spotify, thanks to the revival of ’90s and 2000s fashion (aka Y2K). “Gold chains were a staple look for both eras, and Gen Z in particular has started wearing these trends as a retro throwback. The return of hoop earrings also fits into this trend, worn by women and men.”

The paperclip link style remains hugely popular, cites Laurel Ross, an independent account executive for Quality Gold’s Leslie’s Gold brand. “Worn on their own or layered, elongated paperclip links have been very hot the past few years. Their appeal is attributed to the combination of a contemporary sleekness along with their nostalgic nod to childhood crafts.” Links as a whole are trending in all jewelry categories, not only in chain, but also as design elements.

Cora Lee Colaizzi, marketing director and senior merchandiser for Quality Gold, calls lariats, bolos, and Y-style drop necklaces a wardrobe staple for their versatility, especially in layering. She also references station necklaces. “Gen Zs are rediscovering the timeless elegance of “Tin Cup” necklaces. The style is definitely part of the current ‘pearlcore’ craze,” she says.

 As fashion forecasters have hailed, hoop earrings, particularly in yellow gold, are the go-to classic, on-trend jewelry style. “Hoop earrings sell day in and day out,” cheers Brian Fleming, owner of Carla/Nancy B, with a focus on earrings and gold jewelry. “Put it in and watch it sell!” He says round gold hoops are the most popular, and in a variety of sizes from 15mm to 60mm hoops are selling.

There is so much variety in hoops in sizes, shapes, textures, and finishes. Fleming describes gold hoop earrings as attainable luxury, filling a great sweet spot below $500 retail.

Ross reports that earrings are Quality Gold’s biggest growth category, underscoring that “new earrings make a new outfit!” She concurs that bigger styles are popular, primarily in yellow gold.

Chunky, bold gold looks, however, are sharing the stage with demi-gold jewelry essentials that can be layered. This is especially true for Gens Y and Z, finds Alisa Bunger, vice president of Chic Pistachio Group, with the 14K recycled gold jewelry brand Aurelie GI. Symbolic charms like heart, key, evil eye, initials, zodiac signs, and celestial motifs are favorites to hang from delicate chains, earrings, and safety pin-like brooches, says Bunger.

Silver Streak
Link and fringe styles in chain, hoops in all sizes and adaptations, and choker and Y-style necklaces are among the bestsellers in gold as well as silver, says Colaizzi. She notes that each metal category provides a different price point and fan base. But they all have many of the latest jewelry trends in common. “Regardless of metal, people are either buying bolder jewelry designs or stacking individual pieces to create a bolder look.”

Jewelry consultant Cheryl Kremkow, in a Plumb Club podcast with Samuel B, says silver is often the metal used in design focused jewelry because it allows designers to create large-scale pieces in solid forms without worrying too much about weight. The biggest names in designer jewelry rely on silver to make dramatic jewelry statements, with Samuel B among them.

“Sterling silver offers affordable options to purchase keepsakes in a precious metal that has meaning,” cheers Theresa Namie, merchandise manager for the manufacturer, Ostbye. She cites jewelry like initials, iconic symbols (heart and infinity shapes, spiritual), and charms with empowering words and phrases among the bestselling styles in silver jewelry — both as gifts and self-purchases.

Kremkow underscores that silver fills in that opening price point gap for jewelers, citing bold chains and charm necklaces; silver and gold, silver and diamonds and gemstones; and large-scale designer silver jewelry the ideal inventory mix.

TZR mentions that combining silver and gold provides more accessorizing options. The report notes that layering silver chain link necklaces or bracelets with gold styles is an easy way to freshen up a signature style. While gold has always equated to optimal luxury, the style portal finds that more people are now looking at silver with a heightened sense of value.

Bunger notes that Chic Pistachio’s Ania Haie sterling silver line has been on fire this year, filling a niche at retail ($40 to $140) for quality silver designs geared to a younger audience (aged 18 to 35).

Men Embrace Variety of Metals
Men’s jewelry has changed immensely over the years. From ornate pins and brooches to simple chains and fabric bracelets, men’s jewelry is not only diverse, but also constantly evolving, reports Menswear Style. The leading men’s lifestyle platform describes men’s jewelry in 2022, as a melting pot of different decades — “everything from the dog tags of the 1990s to large medallions from the 1970s to classic tie clips reminiscent of the 1950s.”

Ann Grimmett, vice president of merchandising for the retail jewelry chain, Jared, told Forbes in a recent article, “Men’s Jewelry is Trending Genderless in 2022,” that the men’s jewelry business is “on fire.” She cites traditional offerings in gold chain are bestsellers, particularly in larger weights, but the style trend to layer necks and wrists has expanded men’s interest in a variety of materials.

A core piece in a man’s jewelry wardrobe is a signature ring, underscores Jonathan Cohen, for the iconic men’s jewelry brand IBGoodman, now a part of Quality Gold. He shared during JCK Las Vegas that rings are a strong category for men, with diamond gold bands among the brand’s bestsellers, in single or multiple stones up to 3 carats total weight.

Signet rings that have personal significance are always in demand, Cohen adds, whether engraved with a monogram, family crest, or other meaningful symbols. IBGoodman is well known for its emblematic rings for fraternal organizations.

In silver with gold accents, Imperial Bali Men’s by Samuel B has signet styles inspired by mystic dragons and ancient Balinese patterns, weaves and textures. Moreover, Esquire Men’s Jewelry, produced by the SHR Jewelry Group, a part of SDC Designs, launched through Jared last year, offers silver signet rings, some gold-plated, with gems like onyx and chalcedony in its “1933 Esquire” collection.

In addition to precious metals, contemporary metals are a significant growth category for men, shares John Skaret, Vice President of Sales, Independent Division for Frederick Goldman. He says men aged 18 to 45 are very interested in contemporary metals like tungsten carbide for both wedding and fashion bands.

“The men’s jewelry category as a whole has exploded in the last three to five years,” reports Skaret. “Because of the incredibly unique designs available in these materials, many men are gravitating toward these rings as a fashion item.”