A Marketer’s Toolbox

Reach is everything when it comes to marketing, and manufacturers have plenty of ideas on how clients can achieve their goals. Not surprisingly, social media—and specifically, Instagram—tops the list of most important tools to use.

“Social media is the number one way to directly receive and give feedback from your customers,” explains Sam Hupp, vice president of sales and marketing for Paris 1901. “Bringing along your customers in your business journey is necessary to develop a ‘genuine’ reputation. You build trust when you share your successes and struggles. Sometimes jewelers don’t realize that a social media account isn’t simply another advertising platform, rather it should be positioned as a window to the day-to-day business.”

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Nearly every expert interviewed insist that retailers use Instagram, calling it a powerful, must-use tool.

“An active account … helps leverage visual storytelling, foster engagement, expand reach, and facilitate direct sales, ultimately driving growth and success for the business,” says Surbhi Jain, marketing director of Shefi Diamonds.

How you craft messages counts, too. Hupp paints a vivid example for those unveiling new collections. “They can be promoted as ‘Come see our new collection’ or ‘I can’t believe we were fortunate to get to work with (collection owner) and bring (collection) to our showcases,’” he says. “‘The way they’ve done (fill in the blank) is so amazing to us.’ Option A is an ad, direct and a clean CTA, but option B provides an indirect CTA and engages the curiosity of the consumer.”

Successful initiatives can also include Facebook and Instagram Lives, notes Theresa Namie, merchandise manager of Ostbye.

“On these, retailers can talk about what is trending, fashion accessorizing, and teaching about gemstones and diamonds—all things that attract interest instead of just pure selling,” she says.

More examples that get results can also (ironically) minimize the focus of the product for sale.

“There are jewelers in the Phoenix area that partner with classic car groups,” observes Hupp. “They will bring in watch vendors for pop-ups while having the classic cars shown in their parking lots on certain Saturdays. The days of the hard sell are over.”


Still more exemplary moves include on-target signage and storytelling. Nancy Italia-Gajera, director, Aneri Jewels, recalls one campaign that featured “heartwarming stories of love and connection, paired with stunning visuals of our jewelry,” she says. “This resonated deeply with customers and resulted in increased engagement and sales.”

Other tips to strengthen marketing include visualization and tenacity. Namie recalls recent advice from a marketing guru whom she heard speak: “Write down three adjectives that describe your brand, would your employees and customers say the same thing?” she asks.Build your store personality around those that you want to reach and live your brand. Restart. Refresh. Refocus. As many times as you need, just don’t give up.”

Know your customer and how they like to be communicated with, offer customized content and personalization, foster transparency and trust, and “engage in value-driven marketing that resonates with customers’ beliefs,” says Jain.

More toolbox tactics should include Reels, holiday fliers, and other creative that celebrates the products. “Audiences today want to see real-life images,” insists Namie.

“It’s business suicide if a wholesaler isn’t providing all the assets (digital and physical) to customers to allow them to market products,” adds Hupp. “Give clients the tools and let them speak to their clientele the best way they know how. Often you see larger vendors forcing a direction. When that happens, the messages are often lost due to the variation in the markets. Give retailers options in their assets to use what they believe works best.”

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Private-label products and created content, including how-to’s and trends, can also appeal to customers, says Heather Brown, vice president of content and editorial for The Kingswood Company.

“When consumers return home with a branded product … it’s like taking out a mini billboard in their home,” she says with her company’s jewelry cleaning products in mind. “Our company offers customers a number of resources to support their marketing efforts.”