The Plumb Club’s December Podcasts Focus on Building Relationships & Trust with Customers


New York – The Plumb Club Podcasts for December have now been posted. This month, in preparation for planning for 2024, the podcasts feature two proven tactics that help build customer trust and consumer relationships.  Industry market leaders and esteemed Plumb Club Member companies are providing these podcasts. Both are filled with insights and tips to help retailers build relationships and potentially grow sales.

A Winning Formula: Email Marketing: Driving sales is often a result of the relationship a retailer is able to build with their customer. One effective way to build that relationship is with email marketing. In this podcast, Jan Bennett, head of marketing at Plumb Club Member Shefi, discusses how this marketing tool can help build a loyal customer base, encourage repeat business, and drive foot traffic into the store. She provides email strategies and talks about the timing of emails and ways to segment, as well as ideas on how to measure the tool’s effectiveness.  Established in 1975, Shefi is widely recognized among retailers as a leading supplier of store programs and for having an exquisite array of fine jewelry products across a variety of categories.

The Sustainability Opportunity: Reaching a New Customer: The market for sustainable and responsibly sourced jewelry is growing thanks to younger consumers looking for retailers who share their values. This podcast, sponsored by W.R. Cobb Company, shares ways a retailer can make the most of this exciting opportunity to build trust, increase sales, and attract the new sustainability-minded consumer. Find out why sustainability is an exciting way for your company to stand apart from the competition and elevate your brand. W.R. Cobb Company has been a fundamental part of the jewelry industry since 1877 and offers a wide range inventory of bridal jewelry, loose certified diamonds, and marketing solutions available to jewelry retailers.

Podcasts are added monthly. For access to the newest Plumb Club podcasts, as well as previous ones, please click here.