The Plumb Club and the Responsible Jewelry Council Deepen Relationship

New York – The Plumb Club is pleased to announce the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) will be unveiling its latest retailer initiatives and resources at The Plumb Club pavilion during the 2020 JCK show.

RJC will have a dedicated booth in The Plumb Club Pavilion and will be available to engage with companies about RJC certification, integrating sustainability into their operations – and building trust and confidence with consumers. Information on best practices will be shared, on how the implementation of the RJC standards support the global agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Plumb Club overwhelmingly voted to require all new and existing members to become certified members of the RJC. This is an important milestone and reflects The Plumb Club’s vision of pioneering industry leadership to promote responsible practices.

The JCK Las Vegas Show provides the opportunity to further deepen the relationship between The Plumb Club and RJC – with a joint goal of working towards responsible business practices throughout the jewelry and watch supply chain.

“We are excited to have the Responsible Jewelry Council exhibit with us”, said Victor Weinman, Chairman of The Plumb Club Pavilion. “Their presence in the pavilion enhances our commitment to the retailer for responsible sourcing and further underscores our vision to help shape the future of the jewelry industry. By having the RJC in our Pavilion we will provide the retailer the opportunity to better understand the future of RJC in the American jewelry marketplace”.

During the most recent general meeting of The Plumb Club, held on January 10 during the 24 Karat weekend in New York, RJC Executive Director, Iris Van der Veken spoke to the membership of The Plumb Club, congratulating the attendees on their commitment to the industry.

Responsible Jewelry Council’s Executive Director, Iris Van der Veken said: “We would like to thank The Plumb Club for this inspiring partnership. A shift in mindset is required and the younger generation is leading the way. This is the era of action, accountability trust, and transparency. Our collective response is critical for future generations. We look forward to strengthening our collaboration with The Plumb Club to promote responsible business practices through the jewelry supply chain, from mine to retail.”

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